Ruslan Redwyne
Portrayed by Dean O'Gorman
Name: Ruslan Redwyne
Title: Lord
Alias: Rus
The Red
Faction: House Redwyne
Fealty: House Hightower
Status Rank: Lord Captain
Occupation: Oldtown Navy: Vagabond
Wealth: Wealthy


He has the classic handsome look with stormy blue eyes and a thick ginger brow that matches the head of hair with its small waves. Often it is pulled back and styled out of his face but when down it falls past his chin to his shoulders. A thick curling beard and mustache that is kept somewhat short. His nose has a bit of a bend in it - likely broken in his youth. His skin is sunkissed, ruddy and sea worn but that adds to the open charm he presents along with his cheeky smile.


House Redwyne
"Everything We Know is Everything You Taste."

Born the second son, by mere minutes, to the Head of House of Redwyne (b.277)Lord Horas Redwyne and Lady Torrence. Ruslan received all the riches his brother did before him. But he was never quite settled or satisfied even in his youthful days. It gave him a rather interesting reputation as a risk taker and it got him into any number of challenges - most of which he won.

He struggled to prove himself, to find a place with his sibling. He needed a place that was his own. His Uncle, one of the great Captain's of the Redwyne Fleet took him on to try to curb his destructive path. It was through his Uncle that he learned to channel his unfocused passion and energy. To the sea.

His first and last mistress, the sea has grown to be part of him, the brine running thick in his veins.

The sailing may have tempered him but he's a dashing rake when he comes to land and has stolen many hearts and has attempted to swindle more than a few kisses from noblewoman and smallfolk alike. Devilishly intent on seeing to raising blushes to women's cheeks he is well spoken and likes to bandy the compliments about with the young women.

Due to his work with the Redwyne Fleet the Hightowers appointed him a ship within the Oldtown Fleet with the ship named the Vagabond. Fitting really.


Torrence (Waxley) Redwyne

Torrence (Waxley) Redwyne


Torrence was a loving mother, rather forgiving for most things though she did and still does frown upon Ruslan's wild tendencies. What would she do if she only knew what he's adopted.

Horas Redwyne

Horas Redwyne


Ruslan never felt like he quite measured up in many ways to his father's expectations. But that is easily forgotten when in good company, with drink or on the sea.

Rutger Redwyne

Rutger Redwyne

Twin Brother

Rutger was given all the responsibility and rather flourished under it. Ruslan does not envy him - at least not openly.



The Flame

There is no other woman with as much fire in her veins as Jessilyn. He does not hide his affection for her or her son that he often visits when in port. If he calls on anyone it is the Flame of the Bawdy Bard.



Adopted Son

Jessilyn's son and though he is not Ruslan's the Redwyne has adopted him as his own and lavishes him with gifts and attention.

Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Ship Captain: Ruslan is the Captain of the Oldtown Fleet ships the Vagabond.
  • Redwyne Main Line: He's the third in line of succession.
  • Celebrant: Life is short, let's celebrate!
  • Cad: Life is short and with too few women!



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