(121-11-12) Oathbreaker
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Summary: Eiris goes to try to speak with Lynesse about the Zhantos situation and it goes horribly.
Date: 12th Day of the 11th Turn of 121 A.C.
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The tower is deathly quiet this early in the morning but Eiris has not been able to rest.she is dressed in her riding leathers, corsets be damned. She forties them and just as Lynesses maids are starting to gather themselves, the Lady Hunt pauses only to knock on the door before entering. Purpose drives her and she crosses the floor to the large bed and stops at the foot of it. "Lady Lynesse, we must speak."

The blankets are dragged up and pillows are piled over her head in the dimness. She's been up all night crying, only just gotten to sleep maybe an hour ago. So she whimpers and it is soon muffled because she doubles up on the pillows and hugs them around her face and ear. Any touch has her pulling away.

Eiris is in absolutely no mood to wait on sensitive matters and she herself feels weary. "Lynesse." Its a firm tone of voice she is taking and though she may not be her mother she is going to attempt to drive some sense into the girl before her father goes prematurely grey. She walks over to the side of the bed. "You will wish to hear what I have to say. Either you hear it from me or you hear it from your father." She will stand ready, hands folded before her and looking like she might want to grab a few pillows away but does not.

Lynesse rises like a vampire in a slow sit up using the muscles of her belly alone. Her hair is a complete mess and she didn't remove the make-up she put on. "I don't care! Fine, tell him. You promised you wouldn't but go on, Oathbreaker!" She grumps and then lunges back down into the bed. "Ruin my life. Go on!"

"You think your father to be one who does not care about how you feel? I went to him so we could figure what the best path was for you. Please listen, it is all I ask, Lynesse. " Eiris holds her ground, her eyes searching the young lady as she herself is composed, ready to travel in her gear. "Your father will need your help in the coming months before your sister weds but he has taken the time to think on your own feelings."

"This has nothing to do with my father. Everything to do with you. I hate you. I knew it, you already told him. You already broke your promise. I don't need your sort of help. I've done nothing but help you! I was so nice to you! I thought you were different. That I could trust you. That you were going to be the perfect mother. But you're not. You're horrible. Just like Arana said. You're going to ruin this family." She sits back up and lets out a scream. "GET OUT!" before she collapses back into bed sobbing.

Eiris blinks a few times, swallowing past the tightness in her chest as she steps forward. "No. I care about you too much to let your words said in anger and pain dissuade me or push me away. I would never be the perfect mother nor would anyone else. That was your true mother. If you will not listen to me directly with sense I will speak anyways so that the worry your father feels for you is one less thing he must face without me."

The maids are standing outside and noting their presence in the doorway Eiris turns her head, "Get on with you. Come back when the lady has slept." That said she steps closer and slowly lowers to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I went to your father because I did not know how to help you. He has set his mind to find out whether Zhantos' story is true. He is going to send men to investigate the claim of his birthright. What will happen from there I do not know but save to say your father is bent on giving you happiness, Lynesse, in as many ways as he can. As am I. There are other options as well and he says he will not hold you to the marriage with your betrothed if you are unhappy." She lowers her gaze a moment, reaching her hand out to touch at Lynesse. "To do as you did in secret will harm you… No secrets Lynesse. You will never be happy with secrets."

Lynesse recoils from every touch. She has heard the news. One eye peeked out when she was told her father is open to options and possibly even Zhantos. "It is true. He's not a liar like you. You're leaving?" She also caught the mention of 'face without me'. "Good! I hope you never come back. You're a liar and a hypocrite. "No secrets"." She scoffs and slides further along her bed to get away from Eiris' reach. "Don't you dare think you can lecture me. For the last time. GO AWAY!"

It's the screaming that keeps bringing the maids back, "M'lady. Should we get your father?" One of the older maids whispers. "No, don't worry, Eiris will do that herself. But get the guard and have this traitor removed from my chambers and never let her in again." The maids disappear seemingly to do just that though one does stay in a nook to protect Lynesse if need be.

Eiris is silent and she rises slowly from the bed as her riding skirts fall about her legs. She glances to the maids as one disappears and she takes a step back from the bed. "Be well, my lady." What words could she summon forth? She is a Hunt not a Hightower and not even publicly named Ormund's betrothed so she lowers into a curtsy with a pooling of her skirts around her. She then rises and not bothering to look at the maid she walks from the room. Her hand presses to her middle as she makes the doorway and then she steps out into the hall.

She moves for her chambers to rejoin her family as her father readies for the biannual tracking he performs for the great House.

"Old Gods curse you Oathbreaker! And don't let her near my brothers!" Lynesse's bitter command echoes in the hallway and then some maids scatter to fan out and get the word out that Eiris is on the outs. They will check with Ormund of course, but until they can do that they make sure that Eiris leaves the area of the Tower that's dedicated to the Lord of Oldtowns children. It's all an awkward mess, but it is a good display of which of the maids of the children favor Eiris or not. Of course, there are those who simply are protecting their wards. But the wheat certainly separates from the chaff in the wind of all of this.

Eiris' strides carry her fast and swift as into the Hunt chambers she moves. The Hightower children are left untouched and she moves then to her mother. "I do not trust myself to write anything at the moment, would you please transcribe my words for me?" It is thus that a letter is fashioned and delivered to Ormund by a servant even as the tracking party is underway in the courtyard. Guards are readied, supplies and tents are packed and a scribe is brought with so that everything may be accurately put to paper. Eiris is amongst them, doing what she can to help though Asten notes her distance.

Lord Ormund Hightower,

I shall be away from the tower for well over a week as my father tends to the tracking and noting of the wildlife upon your lands. This could not come at a better time with all that has transpired and I welcome the reprieve that allows me time to think. It also allows the Lady Lynesse the absence of my presence which I feel is for the best at this very moment. I am sorry for any strife I may have caused and hope that one day the Lady Lynesse will find it in her heart to forgive me.

Upon my return, I shall be at your disposal to help with the Lady Arana's wedding or whatever else you may need. I know you to be tirelessly busy with all that is at hand. I wish you only the best and that you may find time for yourself and rest. You do well for your people. May you light the way always.

Lady Eiris Hunt

The hunting party is starting to move and Eiris rises, climbing atop Petyr with a furl of red and white.

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