(121-11-11) Too Young Love
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Summary: With all the Wedding plans going on around her Lynesse thinks she's old enough for love.
Date: 11th day of the 11th Turn of 121 A.C.
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The grounds of the Tower have grown beautiful with the warmer weather and Eiris walks them at regular intervals, often by herself though sometimes taking company with her mother or father. As she is rounding on of the length stone hallways into the openly aired arches of a covered path she pauses to take in the mid-afternoon sun.

She comes to stand in its presence with a deep breath drawn and her face tilted up into its glory. It sets her hair afire. She is in that hunt green dress, hands pressing to the curve of her waist before finally resting on her hips.

Her path is taking her to the aviary but for now? She's taking a moment of peace.

Eiris' peace is disturbed by a soft sound that's a lighter thump than a thud behind her, like an oddly single footfall. When she turns there is a flower on the ground. She just walked there and it wasn't there before. Are flowers springing up in her wake? Because there's another sound behind her again, which was in front of her previously. Again there's another flower on the floor. Then another comes from the sky and lands closer to her. And another, this one can be tracked to a window of the Tower. That's the level Ormund's study is at and now that she's looking a white silk shirt clad nobleman is acting a bit the fool and is hanging out of his window and waving.

The strange appearance of a flower on the cobbles draws her and slowly Eiris bends to pick it up between her fingers. Then the next has her turning but not grasping it up instead she looks skyward and shields her eyes with her free hand. There the white against the blue sky and the mottled stone of the tower. A slow smile spreads to her lips as she lifts her hand to wave at him. Her words are spoken and she makes a motion for him to come down, "Silly…be careful," she seems to say to the air for he can not hear her of course. But her gaze goes to the tower door and she seems to be considering climbing the flights of stairs to get to him. She gathers up the flowers quickly in a swathe of brilliant green against the cobbles. Stag horns are embroidered across her shoulders and around the back of her dress and the burnished brown gold of their hue set with glass beads glints and shines.

Ormund waves his hands in a stop motion like he was telling a hound to stay. Then he disappears from the window. It is a bit of time and then he finally comes around one of the archways and smiles to her. "Do you like your flowers? Which ones do you prefer? Your eldest step-daughter is making quite the fuss about which one, and I honestly, just don't understand." He smiles and gracefully bows to her before he offers his forearm for her to take all properly so they can stroll together. It's no wonder that Arron acts and speaks like they are already married. Because Ormund is just as bad. "You look stunning."

Looking at the flowers as he approaches, his question gets a sort of curious look, "Most will be out of season come then the wedding," Eiris intones and then looks to his arm. "You must be careful what you say." Especially in the open. She does take his arm as she gazes up at him, a soft smile on her lips. "My mother had it done, my father paid for it. She said that if I am to be a Hunt, then I must be a Hunt. We are not yet wed so she decided its proper not to goad the vultures with wearing your colors all the time. Another dress is being made as well in russet hues." Which will look brilliant with her hair color. "I must admit it feels..restraining…I have never owned something so tight." It hugs her frame and could be considered scandalous with how it presents her save that it is in style. She offers him the daisy. "This flower..for it will be in abundance at the wedding, Comes in yellows and pinks as well."

Styles of the Reach especially for the Noblewomen are second to the Dorne for what is considered sexy and maybe even scandalous to those in the North. "You think spring will break that soon?" To her warning about what he says he's almost boyish as he lulls his head back. But he waaaants tooo! He wants her to be his already! His idea to wait for Arana to be married to make things official grows more and more stupid to him by the moment. He chuckles and takes the flower. "That's the one she outright did not want. She thinks daisies are too plain. I fear she remains spoiled despite my best efforts." When she speaks of discomfort it's clear that he is refraining from touching her side where there is some boning to the dress. "While it looks beautiful. Tell your maid not so tight. I've learned that synching should be done in stages, especially with a young maid that's never done it. Arana's been going through the same thing. She wants to have the tightest size for the wedding."

The dress is biting into her but she's doing her best to adopt the fashion of her new station. She's attempting to blend in with her hair done up and pinned, spirals of natural curls falling about her neck with a bit of green corded jewels crisscrossing over the front. "You know so much about dresses, my lord. How do you?" She seems amused but her eyes look to the flower. "Then give her roses, my lord. Red ones to remind her of Hightower and all that she is leaving. I am not sure I could be so brave as she," she admits and lowers the other flowers to her side as they walk. The boning at least gives her perfect posture and accentuates other parts of her as well. It means her strides have her hips moving and the long swath of cloth that flows behind her follows in their wake. Back and forth, back and forth. Really the corset-like torso is more for the male eye than female pleasure.

"Arana." Is the only reply to why he knows so much about dresses and he feels like that explains everything she might be wondering. "Roses, Red and White. I like that idea, I think she will too because it will cost me an arm and a leg." He gives a strained chuckle and then side-eyes her, "Would you like to head back my lo-ady?" Safe! A sloppy save but at least he caught himself! "Get an adjustment." He lowers his voice, "You do know I think you're beautiful in a threadbare linen rag, don't you?" He hopes to make it clear that she need not be putting herself through this for his benefit. Is she gorgeous like this, very much. She's quite testing his willpower. But does she need to be wearing it? Certainly not.

They are close to the aviary now and Ormund is busy looking at the beautiful woman on his arm, but ahead and just tucked in a bit to the entrance of the aviary Eiris would recognize the stable boy and he is in mid rather big kiss with a girl. Her gloved hand slides up to cup the side of her snogger's neck and it is a beautiful white kid leather glove with red embroidery and LH in the corner of it. The way she's touching him and kissing him back, there's certainly nothing forced going on.

"I know, you can mix them baby's breath and greens. It will make them look like there is more than there really is," Eiris says helpfully, or rather she hopes she is. There is a look at him then when he catches himself. "I wanted to see the birds," she says and then flushes a brilliant color. "It is not just for you that wear this, it is for all others. It is meant as a statement. To remind them that the King and Queen themselves have accepted my position and so must they." Her hand on his brushes his arm and as she turns to look ahead she sees that glove.

She clears her throat and quickly, very quickly turns him. "I…my love," she holds nothing back now and redirects him. "My dress, it tightens to a fever pitch…help me, my love." She pulls him with her, back the way they had come and makes sure she is LOUD enough in some of her complaints that Lynesse and the stable boy will hear them. Finally stepping into a small darkened archway she presses her hands to the wall to brace herself there. "Loosen me." She says. Distraction! But in truth during her hurried surprise, she's feeling the ache in her ribs like a growing cramping pain.

"The dress will still be beautiful if loosened an in—-" He's being tugged and he looks very worried when she seems so distraught and then he's being asked to loosen her and he doesn't know anything about loosening a corset! A snap decision is made and his side knife is pulled and he hugs her to him enough to keep her still so he can slide the razor edge of the knife carefully up the laces of the dress and then the corset beneath it. "My love!?" He is careless as she just was several times after chiding him about taking care in such things. He blinks when Lynesse suddenly appears beside them looking quite flushed indeed. "Eiris!? Are you alright? What's the matter?" Lynesse only heard the shouts she doesn't realize they were for her own good.

This is not what she expected so when his hand comes about her middle Eiris looks back only to suddenly feel the dress give with soft sounds of a knife passing. What this must look like! Her eyes widen and she quickly tries to stop him but feels the knife passing over her corset. The dress sags in front and it peels away from her back showing a brilliant swath of bare skin freckled as it is. Shoulder blades to small of the back are bared as she suddenly gasps and stares ahead.

Only one thing good came out of this and that is getting Lynesse' attention. "I am well..my dress and corset were too tight.," she says and lifts her hands to grasp at either side of the shallow neck lest more of her be shown. "I should no be out here like this.."

The hug around her middle is tightened so that he acts as the fastener and closure of the dress and bodice now. "Here!" Lynesse was wearing a lovely little cape and she takes it off quickly to toss it around Eiris' shoulders. Ormund is not looking sorry one bit for his decision. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes…yes I will be just fine. Lots of room to breath now." She turns her head to look at him but smiles her thanks down to Lynesse soon enough. "But I think, given the way my dress is now I should retire and have some help refitting it properly." She turns to him then, looking to the blade and then his hand before she leans up, flushing in color to whisper: "I would not mind you repeating such an act at a more appropriate time."

"Lady Lynesse, would you help me back to my chambers? I think your lord Father as something he needs to attend to."A quick kiss is given his cheek as she turns to Lynesse and will begin their walk back into the tower itself.

Ormund is left standing in a bit of shock to what was whispered to him. He almost looks a little bit bashful as he works his lips together as they creep into a smile.

"Ahhh, I do?" He then catches sight of the flowers in the hand with his dagger that he finally remembers to sheath and he "Ohs! I do!" He then nods and gives the flowers a wiggle. The daisy is taken up and slid behind Eiris' ear. His voice quiet, "I love you." He smiles to his daughter and he plucks her cheeks, which peeves her off but she takes it with a little eye roll. "And I love you. Go help your—- Eiris.”

A slow dip of her form is offered, hands never leaving the front of her dress as Eiris is blushing profusely. She swallows, a bit taken aback by the moment herself as her eyes still upon his hand when he places that flower behind her ear. "With all my heart," she continues his sentiment and then turns, reaching for Lynesse' hand to draw her along.

When they are out of earshot she looks down at her. "Were you enjoying the stable boy or he you?" It's improper but it's meant to shock her.

Lynesse looks like a fish out of the water the way her mouth is in a gaping gasping O as she blinks at Eiris. "Uhhhh…." It's a good thing her father didn't notice but her lip stain is a bit of a mess. It's also the first time they would have seen her wearing it. It's a good thing that Eiris was being an expert at distraction for Ormund. "I don't know what…" No, she can't lie to Eiris and she blushes and looks away. "Please don't tell!" She grips at Eiris as she pleads.

Holding her hand still, Eiris does not let go of Lynesse in case flight wins out. "I understand, why you do as you do but, if I may be frank. It will end badly if you continue. I will not speak of it but you must promise me you won't dally with anyone…ANYONE. Even the Lords that come to visit and pay you sweet smiles and say nice things." She lets out a breath and looks aside at her. "We are ladies…women and thus measured at a different standard than men. Where they may act upon their urges and not be held accountable..we are. I only ask that you take care. I say it out of love for you, Lynesse."

Lynesse doesn't run she actually clings now, now that she can share her secret with someone. Who's promised she will keep the secret it all just sort of rushes out of her. "I love him! He is so amazing. It's like he can speak with the animals he's so good with them. He's so good to me too. He respects me. I like kissing him. I asked him to kiss me. I think he loves me too. I want to be with him. I don't want to marry Regenard when my bloods come. I want to be like Asten and Hanna, or you and Father. I want to marry Zhantos… or not marry. But I want to be with him."

Pain hits her like a wellspring and Eiris turns to face her. Damn her dress. Ormund may see them as well if he's made his way back to the tower. She grasps Lynesse as she bends to bring her face near her. "We who love freely suffer for it. We must make great sacrifices just as those who marry arranged mus make their own. You will lose much to gain one." She smooths her hand to Lynesse' cheek and pulls her close, hugging her tightly as she does not know what else to say. "Come…let us go to your room, we will fix my dress and we will talk. You will explain to me who he is and why you love him so."

Lynesse is all flushed and excitable the whole way back to her chambers. Once there she goes to get some lacing and she starts by doing up Eiris' corset. The maids are all shoo'd out and away. Lynesse wants to do this for Eiris ad so they can also be alone so she can go on and on and on about Zhantos. How his smile is like the sunrise and how he is the only one besides father that Dawn actually likes and that Diamond loves him too and even Roy as well. It really does seem that him being good with the animals is a big deal to the little lady. "The saddle was slipping a little and he came over so fast to make sure it was cinched right and he touched my hand on accident and then, it was like I had fallen into the beacon. I felt so hot. He apologized, but he smiled and, oh Eiris!"

Eiris is patient, quiet and listens to everything as Lynesse helps her. She grasps the bedpost and grips it so that the corset can be tugged, "Please, not too tight." Though a thought crosses her mind, "Maybe a little tight." She draws a breath and sighs. Once she is somewhat in her dress she looks upon Lynesse. "I will not tell your father that you were kissing. But he must know how you feel. You can not keep these things from him. Your father..my father..did their duty for their families and wed in arranged marriages. Their wives died, your mother passed and your father mourned. I…" Eiris does not know how to say anything of this but there is a curling edge in her stomach. They are leading by example.

Lynesse's lower lip starts to tremble. She's not finding the support and understanding she thought she would in Eiris. The corset is tied, not too tight, but maybe just a tiny hint tighter that the older lady was hoping for. "But why? They didn't love each other, the barely ate together. I know they cared for each other, but nothing like you do. Why must I go through the same thing when I've found my love first? If Father knew you before Mother and Lord Asten knew Hanna before Lady Kina's mother. I'm sure that they would have married you instead! Why can't I!?" She pleads the question and her eyes are tearful. Ahhh first love and young hormones. The truth is, her first blood is probably not too far from happening. Perhaps she senses it too and that's why she's in a panic about all of this. "I can't tell Father. If you don't understand, he won't!"

"Lynesse…please.." Eiris bids of her and turns to gather her up in a hug. "I do not know how to tell you any of this..I do not. I was ..I had my own life without a title, without responsibilities that come with it. Now I do…and I am trying to understand as well. Love is a passionate thing and it can build you up and wear you down, my sweet one. You are so young, your feelings can and will change…if your father had me before your mother? First I would have been too young and he would have also been a different man. We change. All of us." She lifts her hand to brush her cheek. "Trust in your father. Tell me. Of all the people he loves you more than anything. If you love this boy you must know it will come at a cost. A great cost to yourself, him and those you love. Everything has its cost. Please..speak with your father. I do not wish to keep this from him."

"You promised! You promised not to tell. If you tell I will never forgive you, ever! I'll run away. I swear it!" She's angry crying now, not realizing she's crying because of her emotions. "I'm not too young and he's not too old. Not like Regenard. He's so old! Please! I thought you would understand. Why won't you help me!?" The laces that were in for Eiris' gown are angrily twisted and coiled around the little noblewoman's fingers enough that they're going red and purple in spots.

Eiris is quiet then, carefully reaching for those cords to release them. "What are you going to do then? Were you going to just leave your father? Break his heart and mine…your brothers? You knew eventually he would find out, Lynesse, I love you with all my heart. I do." Its killing her, this conversation. "They struck my father out for taking my mother on. He never married her. They do love each other but she will never be accepted. It was by the kindness of your father that he was allowed back and that was after many long years..nearly two decades." She tries to release that cording about those fingers but it means her own corset is a bit tight and she winces a little. "Lynesse. Do you trust me?"

When the cording gets pulled at she winces, finally feeling the pain it was causing her. "But see, father accepted him back. You are all happy now. Why won't you help me with Zhantos? He'll listen to you. He'll accept Zhantos. He's not just a stable boy. He's one here, sure. But he's very important on the Summer Islands! He's like a prince there." Now that sounds like a yarn an orphaned stable boy would come up with.

"No Prince of the Summer Isles would be a stable boy here, my love. Lynesse, I beg of you. I will go with you to your father. I will speak with him about what you seek. I can not choose a side but I will be there for you." She cannot support this and she knows it and that part of her that is not a Hunt is dying inside.

Lynesse's anger flares again and the loosened laces are tossed lightly at Eiris. "He is not a liar! Really! His father sent his mother and him away on a boat to protect them because they were trying to kill his family because of a rivalry. The ship was attacked by pirates and he hid but his mother was taken away to Slaver's Bay. When they sunk the ship he nearly drowned but was saved by another passing ship and they brought him here! No one believes him though. So he works in the stables." Again her tone is pleading for her own favorite person in the whole world, her mentor, her mother to believe her and support her. "He is not a liar. I want to trust you. But I don't know if I can anymore." She hugs herself and backs away. "Please leave me alone."

Getting to her feet, Eiris watches Lynesse back up from her and there is an utterly wounded expression on her face. "Lynesse," she says and starts to reach for her when she says to leave her alone. Eiris goes straight-backed, "You can." She merely says but does not pursue her, it is her choice and decision to ask it of the Hunt and she gives her that much. Space. "I will go." Eiris half laced and not looking put together heads for the door, skirting around Lynesse to do so. She pauses near her and reaches out, attempting to take her by the shoulders gently and place a kiss to her forehead.

"I thought you were different." She whispers like a little-wounded bird when she is touched and kissed but then she breaks away to run over to the windows. Pointedly the ones that look down on the aviary and mews. Sniffling and hugging herself tighter.

Eiris is left empty-handed when Lynesse pulls away and the young lady will hear the door open then click shut behind Eiris. It's a deafening sound for the Hunt and despite only being laced half off she walks the hall distant and stricken. She sucks in a breath finally, coming too enough to hurry along towards her own chambers. Hanna notes her entrance but it's then that the Lady Hunt realizes that Reta is in her room. SHe hurries back out into the hall and continues walking. She needs space, lots of it and time to think.

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