(121-09-16) Playing House
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Summary: Needing a bit of an escape, Ormund and Eiris secretly rendevous at her old house.
Date: (121-09-16)
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Arron and Eiris had a day at the market and now the two are settled into the old house and its taken some cleaning considering how long its been. She's got her hair up in one of her mother's kerchiefs and she is checking the game hens at the open hearth which is mostly embers. The spitted hens are rotated slowly and then she is moving on to set out everything. A bowl of mashed parsnips with a healthy dose of butter melting. Wilted greens with cream and hot rolls that are being removed from the coals now and set out in a basket. The herbs had still been there and the food is spiced with them. She steps back then, looking at her work as a jug meant for water is at center waiting for flowers.

Arron was collecting them at her behest and she clearly looks a little worn and dirty. Soot marks her dress and her face. Wiping at her brow, she starts to pull her kerchief off and wipe her brow with it. She smiles at her work, back to the door.

To a tracker like his love, with her special 'tricks' that overjoyed the King she can tell that the hooves approaching is the elegant cadence of Dawn. "I pay you to guard my heart. Not pick flowers!" He shouts, there is plenty of humor in the shout though. "I do wot the Lady asks M'Lord!" By Arron's rough accent growing louder he is quickly returning back to the house so that he can open the door for the Lord once Dawn is cozy in the lean-to stable next to the house. When Ormund steps in he is all smiles and Arron quickly moves to unceremoniously shove the flowers into the jug and then with a little grin to them both he ducks right back out to go untack Dawn and give her and the other horses some care and keep them company in the lean-to.

Ormund takes a deep breath in through his nose. "Smells scrumptious." He goes to her and lifts her apron up by the base and uses it to clean her face of some soot. "Look at you. Could you be any more beautiful?" Even dirty and looking more smallfolk than she has in years and he still thinks she's the most beautiful thing in the world, genuinely. "I thought that if duty allows, this is something we could do at least once a Turn. Maybe - hopefully more, perhaps weekly." He presses up his sleeves and her lock of hair bracelet slides into view on his wrist. "Is there anything I can do?"

There is a brilliance to her smile as she hears the hooves and the banter. Eiris can not help but let out a soft laugh to herself as her fingers fan across her throat. Slowly she moves, not realizing how she looks as her hands lift to her hair. Looking to Arron when he hurries in there is a nod to him, "Thank you…for everything." She says to him and as he goes her eyes lift to the most wonderful sight. Ormund crossing that threshold again. He may not understand the sudden change of her expression but she moves to him only to have her face cleaned.

"Thank you.."she says with a soft laugh and then watches him prepare to help her and see that smile. She draws a breath, "Welcome home, my love," she practices things her mother used to say to her father. She has good role models. She reaches for his hand with the bracelet and brings it to her lips for a quick kiss before she nods, "I always manages to burn myself taking the hens off. Grab that dish and if you can hold the spit stick I will pull them free."

The dish is large and she is areadly moving to get him a heavy padded wool mit to hold the spit with once he pulls it off its holders. The dish is set on the floor and she readies with her apron over both hands near the floor. Once in position she will tug and pull each brown and glistening hen from its place.

Ormund pulls his riding gloves off of his belt and he slides them on and then takes the spit off. He does know a little something about pulling a creature free of a weapon impaling them and he makes sure that she is clear and safe and he gives the spit a good twist that shifts the hens looser and then with a firm tap of the tip of the spit onto the floor of the hearth the hens begin to slide right into Eiris' awaiting hands.

"Huzzah!" He then sets the spit back onto it's holder cause that was getting hot! He claps his hands to cool them down and remove the gloves and tuck them back into his belt. Much like when their Wildlings were first "born" he's got a level of giddiness at this new bit of roleplay as the smallfolk couple in their own little quaint cottage. "Now what darling?"

Eiris lets out a soft laugh for his celebratory huzzah, bemused he finds joy in it. Her apron awaits them and guiding the hens to rest upon the dish with their juices start to run out. She steps back and gathers up the dish before shaking her head, "Nothing, my love. Only after when we must clean up but now? Now we feast." She has done everything else so she leads him back to the table and quickly placing a hen on each plate. The dish is carried to the side wash basin and sets it down upon the makeshift counter her father built. Fingers trail across its pockmarked surface before she undoes her apron and sets it aside. "Sit." She says to him.

Ormund moves to stand behind her chair, "You first my love." He helps to scoot her in, (okay maybe he can't let go of some noble tendencies!) and then he takes his own seat. He takes in a breath of the meal's aroma and ahhs with a smile. "Cleaning hmm?" He gives her a little smile like that might be the one thing he won't enjoy roleplaying out. "So how was the rest of your day?"

"Yes, cleaning," Eiris says, "Or we will have more rats and other unseemly things in here before we realize what is going on." She looks to her hen and then offers him a bit of the bowl of mashed parsnips first. "It was a chore..the place was dusty and out of use. We had to clean the chimney but all was well. I think I owe Arron a great more than he has been given," she says and smiles fondly over the flowers at Ormund. There is a soft blush and she lowers her gaze to begin plucking at the sweet melt in your mouth salty skin of the hen. Steam rises and she sighs. "Good..they are perfect."

The expression he gives is a bit like the exact face both Lyonel and Marty make when they are told they must eat their greens. Yay. Cleaning. But when she talks about the rest of her day he smiles and looks around the house. "It really is a quaint little place. I can have someone make sure that it is maintained?" He enjoys that first moment of breaking the skin as well. "You are perfect." He sinks his teeth into the hen and the face he makes is almost sensual. "So delicious. Oh my love."

Green eyes hold upon him and there is a slow coloring of her cheeks before she says, "I am glad you like it.." Clearing her throat she looks down at her hen and it doesn't quite seem like just a hen anymore. She then tilts her head and reaches for the parsnips to add a spoonful to her plate. "I would..like that. If you would have it seen to I could come here and help at times. I grew up here, I am not sure I can quite let it go.." she points to the small nook behind them where the curtain pulls to hide the bed. "When I was born I slept there, right at the foot of the bed father built." She begins. The trundle is still there where a baby Eiris used to sleep.

Ormund wipes his mouth genteely with his napkin and then puts it down. He stands and moves over to the trundle and he squats before it and reaches out to give a little rock. Because they are alone there is no fine mask of the strong and vigilant Lord on. So she can see that there is a wash of various different but strong emotions that go through him and the final one does not look pleasant, actually fearful.

Watching him, Eiris remains at her seat for a moment or two until she pushes her chair back slowly which helps break the silence. She tilts her head, looking down at him before she lowers to kneel beside him as her hand slips out to brush through his curls like she is want to do. "No secrets, Ormund. Tell me what is on your mind." She bids him softly, glancing from him to the trundle and then back again as she finally lowers her hand to try to take his.

Tilting his head into her curls, eager for that bit of soothing. He swallows hard and then looks over to her with a rather pained expression. "I don't want to lose you." Saying those words out loud has his eyes shimmering. Looking at that trundle he realized that their dreams were going to come true. He was going to marry her, they were going to live out the little fantasy of marriage and children together… children together. Children to Ormund means a very harsh reality that he could lose her, like he did Juleen and in that moment he truly knew fear.

"Ormund," the wealth of understanding hits her and she pulls him to her, turning his face gently as she searches his eyes. "You won't lose me…we have been through enough that the Gods will grant us a long life together." She says this as her fingers brush through his curls and her hand in his squeezes tightly. "My mother gave birth to me and kept working before father even got home. All by herself. I will be as strong for you Ormund. I am of wildling blood and they are strong, truly strong to live beyond the wall. I know I carry some of that within me.Trust, Ormund." She leans her head into his and smiles softly. "That is a ways off, my love. We need not think on it now."

Ormund melts, he leans in deep and puts his head into her lap and just lays on the floor with her. It's a good thing she swept. "I dont… I don't know if I can." Stop thinking about it, it's gripped him by the heart very badly. His arms go around her and his face buries into her belly. "I'm sorry." He's not used to being vulnerable like this. Not at all.

Concern floods her and she uses both hands to brush though his hair, down his neck and back. "You have faced bandits, boars, and more for me. This we will face together. I am not so easily beaten and I would like to give you a red haired child, my love. Allow me at least one blessing," she whispers. "Only one if that is all you wish for." Even if Eiris would take on far more than that. Her head tilts as she begins to hum and soothe him, passing hands over his hair, through curls and rubs against this back.

Ormund takes a deep breath, and another one. Trying to steel himself and shake off this silliness. He sits up and there's trails of tears down his cheeks that he shed in the cover of her belly on his face. He pulls her to him and takes her by the face in both hands, "Promise me. Swear to me on every god there is that you will only die the same day I do, grey and wrinkled and in our bed in each other's arms."

That catches her off guard seeing him so undone and raw. Eiris stares at him and trying to find the breath to fill her lungs. "I promise..I swear by the old gods and new that I will not leave this world without you. Never before." Her eyes search his and to her it is not silliness, she gets to see him truly. "Ormund. I love you more than I ever have. I will not hurt you." She whispers and leans forward to place a kiss to his lips. A sweet thing that lingers as her own hands lower to grasp at the cloth on his chest.

Ormund greedily takes the sweet kiss and then he leans in to kiss her more firmly, still holding her by the face but the grip goes gentle and one hand slides into the back of her hair to cup her head. "Do ye remember…" He whispers and pulls her into such a way that dips her and drapes her across his chest, like they ended up when they kissed for the very first time. "Seems like forever ago now that you were learning. The student has become the master now."

Flushing with color as he takes her so, Eiris stares up at him with beseeching green eyes. "Love.." she says the word while her fingers curl and take hold of the front of his shirt and tightens there. "The master…"she shakes her head faintly and smiles up at him. "I love you..by the old gods and the new I would have no other. No matter the cost. I wish for you my every moment,"she says, the words utterly heart felt as her fingers drape and brush across his lips.

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