(121-09-16) Harlot's Brew
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Summary: A peace offering from Lynette Beesbury proves a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Date: 16th day of the 9th Turn of 121.
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The first day on the road was a bit chaotic, they weren't exactly very keenly aware of minor things going on. Such as the fact that they have a few people traveling with them from King's Landing. One is that Queen's Maid that went to Martyn's nanny, Abby, for a quick hug and greeting. Seems that she is actually Abby's big sister and is returning home to Oldtown. She is an endless supply of tales about Royal Court and in the behind the scenes things of the Red Keep as she gossips rather constantly with the other maids and nanny's in the Children's Wagon. She, however, doesn't travel too well and has several times gone to the back door to throw up when the road got too crazy. But she's very sweet, she also likes to gush at Eiris about Ormund and how she's so jealous of her. She also keeps them up at night when she poorly hides the fact that she cries herself to sleep.

She hints that she would love to be Lady Hunt's maid, but when they finally get home, she sort of just disappears. Maybe it was all talk like the rest of her personality.

When they get home they have been away for nearly three months, and that's after coming home early. Raven's have the ability to travel a lot faster, so there is a package waiting for Eiris when she returns home. It is a rather large box, nothing too cumbersome for the raven, but it is sizable. For its size, it's also rather light. The tube for the raven message is tied on top. The seal is gold and black wax that's swirled and pressed with a beehive.

Lady Hunt,

It grieves me deeply that I was not able to apologize in person. My behavior was horrendous and I cannot excuse it. Only beg for your forgiveness. The Queen could speak nothing but glowing things about you so I must have been wrong. I allowed my own experiences and hardships paint my opinion of you. I hope you'll accept this tea recipe that I am told helps with circulation and the ailments of your foot. I hope that we can become the best of friends when I visit for Arana's Wedding.

Lady Lynette Beesbury

That is something that is surprising - that message and recipe. Eiris keeps nothing from Ormund and shows it to him. "I will give it to the maester and my mother to consider. I have never heard of this mixture before." She will contemplate that for the days to come but the mixture will be given over to the experts and she won't voice it but she's not exactly trusting in the kindness and good intentions of Lynette but there is hope and it seems to help lighten her step.

Settling back into the chambers that are more home even if it is a new one is something she takes to and Eiris seems more herself than she had in some time. Much like he found her in that hovel they all lived in. True to her word she chooses something daily to wear in red and white and should Lynette's mixture be approved she begins to take it as well.

"It's Harlot's Brew." Maester Arwyn rather bluntly informs her the day after she delivered the recipe to him. "Perfectly harmless…unless you're Pregnant." He points to the Penny Royal that is disguised in by using High Valyrian. "It's what women of ill repute drink to keep their "blood circulating". He does look apologetic to Eiris. "It is good for your foot. I just would never prescribe it, because you don't need it and you already have the proper medicine for it." He does sound a touch miffed that his prescriptions are being messed with by the meddlesome lady. He tries to make it clear that he doesn't think that she knew the brew's nickname, more like she went to some crackpot apothecary and he gave her it. She is given the recipe and tea box back to do with as she please. Never, not once was there any indication of a belief that he thinks Eiris would need such a brew. There is genuinely no doubt to him that virtues are intact! He knows his Lord and he's seen them together without any filters that night they thought she might die. So no, he's not being snarky about her needing the brew and that's why he gave it back to her. He's simply returning the evidence.

Harlot's brew. Eiris is not so sure it's as kindly meant and likely given as a way to keep them from having children were they even doing something like that. It is something that she holds onto for several days and she finally talks to her mother. Hanna is convinced that Lynette meant it for its original purpose and advises against telling Ormund but there is a matter of trust to be kept and so it is now that she approaches his study with the items in hand. She knocks upon the door having been told he is within. "My lord, may I speak with you?"

Ormund stands from his chair and calls, "Yes, enter, please." Usually, at this point the guard would open up the door for her. But it's that one guard with a chip on his shoulder about his brother Howard and he just stands by the door and lets her get the knob herself.

When she comes in he is done arranging things on his desk so that he can easily return to what he was doing after the visit has ended. A gesture is given towards the lovely cushioned furniture that's set up around a huge fireplace. "Would you like to sit? Is everything alright darling?" The darling comes after the door has been shut behind her.

Eiris is not put out by the fact she has to do such but she gives Howard's brother a look that leaves her even more unsteady when she enters. Closing it behind her she crosses towards the cushion and sits but then quickly stands as she draws a long breath. "It is about the gift your sister left for me." She moves towards him, offering him the tea and the recipe that was written upon the paper. "I took it to the Maester since he has me on a mixture all ready…it is called Harlot's Brew. He expresses she likely did not know for it does help circulate blood…but it also prevents unwanted…children."

Ormund was coming over to sit with her but when she pops right back up he slows in his approach and is caught standing halfway between the desk and the sitting area in startled shock. He scratches his head and looks like he just had ice water dumped on is head, he too was hopeful that it was truly a peace offering. But hearing the latest development it is clear in his reaction and expression that he doesn't believe what Arwyn does. He looks fairly certain that she meant to send it to not just prevent, but kill any child they could have conceived if they were as Lynette feared to have more than a chivalrous courtship. "I hope their nanny doesn't get served the tea." He finally comes over and takes up the offerings he then rather immediately throws both the box and the recipe into the fire. "She has no right!"

As they flame sparks to life with the herbal mixture crackling away Eiris blinks in silence, watching it before she moves to join him. Her hand comes to his back and then slide down his arm to hold upon his hand. "Love of my heart, I would wish you not to react poorly to this, please. These things are like to happen and she will not be the only one that reacts to us this way. More will show when you ask me to wed you. And some far more vehemently than your sister." She lowers her gaze to the fire again. "I truly hope the Queen spoke well of me."

Ormund takes slow deep breathes he tries to heed her request to not be upset by this. He kisses her forehead, "I'm certain that she did. I received a letter from my cousin. She was sad that she did not get the chance to say goodbye. That was the only thing that she was upset about as well. She understood why we left and was glad to hear we made it home without assault." He gestures to his desk where that letter is rolled up. But then he turns back to the issue at hand, "They aren't my sister trying to poison my betrothed. People can level glares or even gossip, but I simply cannot stand for anyone dishonoring you." He looks at her a bit worried. "Has something else happened? Have you been mistreated?"

"She is far away and there is little she can do to stop you if you choose to marry me. I won't let her stop you." Eiris says, turning to face him and rest her hands to his chest. Her smile falters when he asks her that, "No, my love..nothing. Not since we left King's Landing. I am being treated as I should be, but…if I could request. Arron, the guard. I like to be certain where I go, he does. I trust him above all others save for my own family and you." She smiles and lifts her hand to his cheek. "I keep nothing from you…even if I wanted to shield you from this."

The Lord moves to cup her face in both of his hands. "The only thing that will keep me from being with you, is if you change your mind and no longer want me." He kisses her lips softly and then just looks at her, admiring her. "Arron is yours as much as you need him. I trust him as well. We'll have to speak, all three of us, about what he will divulge to me. Like times when and where he needs to save you from lechers." He might not be mad at Arron, or punished him for the lack of information. But he will bring it up to make it clear he's not forgotten their little secret that was in fact kept for an entire day for him. "I am very glad that you shared this with me. Thank you." Another kiss is exchanged.

A breath is let out as he kisses her like that Eiris colors a bit, with the heat that rushes to her feet. "I will never leave you in the dark, my heart of hearts." She whispers the bit and reaches her hand up to press her hands over his upon her face. A smile brings her lips firmly into place and she leans into his next kiss as she deepens it and draws closer in that red dress she had made. House Hunt is making Hightower colored dresses for its newest addition and her father never questioned it. "My love. Nothing will change my mind. Tell me…would you have dinner with me tonight? I will cook. You need not."

Ormund laughs really laughs at her joke about his cooking, and also the fact that she thinks she has to do the cooking. "Do you want to cook? Or do you just want to relax on the sofa with me and enjoy some food?"

Considering his offer she tilts her head, "I just want to spend time for you. Servants can do the work all other days but one day, tonight or otherwise /I/ want to cook for you. Really show you what my mother taught me. What is it to be a true wife and care for the ones you love. Our mealtimes..my mother takes such pride in her work, in her abilities. I am given to think I would too if given the chance."

Ormund rubs her arms and smiles. "I do miss your cooking. You're just going to be in the position where you don't have to cook another day of your life if you don't wish to. But I would love to have a meal cooked by you, whenever you feel the desire to do so." Her forehead is kissed in that almost paternal way. "I have an idea. Do some shopping, no limits, I'm sure Arron can help you in the market. Then go to your old house. Start dinner and I will be there after sunset. Just you and I." And of course Arron, but he doesn't really count. He does, but he's very good at his job and Ormund appreciates that.

Her old house. There is a crook of a smile and Eiris nods. "I will…" There is a light in her eyes he has not seen before. A spark in those green depths as she draws away from him. "Right now, right away." She brushes fingers to her hair and she pauses at the door to look at him in a flare and gathering of skirts about her legs. "I will see you then. Do not be late." She instructs and then she is off, out the door and in a rush as it closes behind her.

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