(120-10-18) Bittersweet Feast
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Summary: A feast is held to celebrate the return of Ormund, the heroism of Eiris Flowers and to honor the memory of those that did not make it back.
Date: Turn of Lihanis (10-18-120)
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It is a few days until Ormund is able to make a visit again. Though there were flowers for her at every meal. One day there were a lot of flowers and according to the servant, most of them were from Arana, "Flowers for the Flowers" was quoted hesitantly by the servant. There is of course news about how the Maesters are considering declaring it the beginning of spring soon. So that does mean a busy time for Ormund. It's also been difficult for either of them to get much privacy, family and even more hovering are the Maesters taking care of them. The one tending to Eiris is working very hard to save those toes!

The children though, as warned (except as probably expected, Arana) have visited very frequently. Martyn often comes with his brother but leaves early to take naps. But Lynesse most of all has been in attendance. She's definitely inherited the caring side of her father and often times makes sure that she's the one to fetch a brush, or book, or item across the room for Eiris. Lynesse has brought some books on falconry and has been "window shopping" for the bird she wants to get with Eiris. Very much leaning towards getting a male kestrel.

Today, it is Lord Ormund that comes to tell the children that they must go get ready for the feast that has been put together in their honor. He is dressed in exquisite fashion. A white leather jerkin with quilting to represent bricks with black stitching. Around the shoulders, the leather has been slashed to reveal tufts of ombre fabric of yellow, red and orange, though mostly red. The golden tips on the laces of the jerkin tinkle as he moves to offer Eiris a large dress box. "For the feast tonight." It's still a few hours away, "Your maids are happy to help you with it. I hope you like it."

Lynesse begs to stay to help her too, she wants to see it! Like the kiss he'd give Eiris, Ormund bends over to kiss the top of her head to soothe his excited daughter, "You must get ready yourself. It will be a surprise at the feast, now go on."

"I bet you're going to look like a princess!" Lynesse tells her mentor before she is escorted off to get herself ready.

The days spent with the children are glorious and though she is exhausted after and naps, Eiris enjoys it all the same. The flowers from Arana are noted for that they mean but are accepted with aplomb and a note is sent back to laud the generosity given.

Talk of birds and more is a welcome topic so that when the Lady Lynesse is in attendance the day the dress it is given, Eiris is caught completely unawares. She has adopted a few simple woolen dresses and she finds only one is needed when in the Keep given how warm it is compared to their home. Her hearth is nearly constantly lit and the main room that connects the individual rooms is attended and warm as well. This is where she accepts the box in full view of her mother. Ormund might note her hesitance as her eyes follow him, offering Lynesse a bright smile, "Not quite…but I will do my best to. I can not wait to see you," she says.

Ormund is watched and offered a curtsy before she rises with the box in hand to turn, set it on the table and carefully open it. Her toes have yet to come back to health but she has minor feeling in them so there is that at least. She pulls part the tissue that covers the dress.

The dress is silk, an embossed silk that makes the floral patterns in the silk shimmer in the right light. Along the sleeves where there are wisps of sheer black silk fabric that dangle loosely from the bodice of the dress. Also to border the collar and sleeves of the dress are ivory flowers. Real ivory that's been shaved and sculpted so that each petal moves. "You brought life and hope from a difficult situation." That's what the dress represents to him, the sadness of the event became something that truly has brought him back to life. Spring blossoming from a cold harsh winter. Flowers for his beloved flower that were made from the ivory of the creature that brought them together.

The dress is more than beautiful, its breathtaking and Eiris for a moment feels as though the ball is a dream. But then she slowly lowers her hand to touch it and Hanna watches her closely. Her smile grows, ever so slowly before she grasps up the box and hurries into her room. Her hair. She has to do her hair. How does she make it look like the ladies with their beautiful twists and plaitings.

She gives in then, working at her long hair to pin and coil it upwards. The sides are swept up artfully. But then the maids are ushering themselves in and she is cleaned, set to rights and scented with roses.

When all is said and done, her hair has been coiled in three twists and the back half left to flow down her back. They have been pinned into place by white flowers to match the dress but not of ivory. The dress fits her near perfectly and as its buttoned and tied into place she glances down at the vestment.

This is how she will arrive on the arm of her father. Her mother has forgone the ball this evening and had warned her daughter of what may come. Eiris went anyways. As the two step into the grand hall, she holds closer to him, stepping forwards she lets her eyes scan the room at large for familiar faces.

The Grand Hall of the Hightower is decorate but with a reserve that Ormund insisted on for those who lost their lives in the hunting accident. There is the high table with all of the Hightower line or Ormund on one side and the rest of the cousins in the city and not with The Hand of the King, some of their father, in King's landing. At the moment it's a fair many of them that are in the city, but Gwayne.

Across the high table from Ormund is two empty seats. One for Asten to sit beside his grandson who sits next to his mother, Eris' half-sister and beside her is the Champion of Oldtown, Brydon Hightower. To the open side of Eiris there is Hobert Hightower, he along with everyone rises when they enter and begin to applaud. Hobert has a childish exuberance to his applause and him giggles and blushes when they are all seated again. "I'm Hobert." He gives another shy giggle and then starts to eat, a bit before everyone else has. The fact that Hobert is sitting next to Eiris gives Arana a few seats down a bit of smug glee she tries to hide in her goblet by taking a sip like all the clapping and cheering she just barely did was exhausting.

It is Brydon that stands and welcomes everyone and gives a speech about the City's joy at the safe return of their lord and though his wife is tense as a stretched drum he seems genuine enough when he calls for all to celebrate the heroine that saves Lord Ormund. After that toast, Lord Otho the Second of his name stands up and gives his own toast. It's more of a best man's speech as he laments losing the bet and that he has never been so happy to lose a bet and him to honors Ormund and then Eiris. With quite a bit of playfulness, he threatens to next time go for the daughter, not the father. Quickly assuring Asten he's joking and that the Master of the Hunt still has his heart.

During all of the toasts, the littlest of the children looks excruciatingly bored. So there are several times he pops under the table. Each time he does there is a touch to Eiris' lap, but then he's popping back up at his chair. Disappear. Touch. Appear. There is finally a break in speeches where it will be alright for Eiris to look distracted from the honors and can look into her lap. There is a little pile of flowers that Martyn has stolen from his place setting one at a time to put on her lap. A bright bit of color against the black silk.

After all of the toasts and speeches, and there are a lot of them are over Ormund finally rises up. "I thank all of you for attending, I am a person that loves to be home, but never before have I felt so overwhelmingly at home. To see all of your faces again is truly a pleasure and an honor. To those that could not be with us tonight, a prayer and a drink." The High Septon is in attendance and all bow their heads as he says a prayer of remembrance for the 5 dead from the hunting accident an also adds a blanket prayer for all others that have been taken in the Winter.

"They will be honored and remembered, always." Ormund declares after the prayer is finished. "It is also my honor and privilege to say that no more will be lost this Winter. I bring news from the Citadel." His eyes were traveling around the room making eye contact with a great many during his speech, but for the next part, the most joyous news he's looking right into Eiris' eyes. "Spring is here!!" He bellows with joy and command all at the same time and lifts his cup and there is a wash of joy and rejoicing that fills the Grand Hall. Thousands of cups are lifted up as well.

It is all overwhelming, overdone and Eiris is left flushed and often looking down at her lap or to Hobert who is a sweet company at the very least. His simple-mindedness does not bother her and in fact when she discovers the field of flowers in her lap she reaches out to take a sweet from the table and rests it on a linen upon her lap for Martyn to take. She carefully gathers the flowers into a bouquet and she turns to Hobert. "Would you put one in my hair," she asks of him softly and offers him a flower and turns her head so he can choose the spot to place it. Her eyes travel down the table to give Martyn a wink and hold up her bouquet and smell it sweetly.

The few people like Kina and Arana who could ruin this moment are forgotten, surrounded by her father and the sweet Hobert, whom she has taken to easily enough she is then given to listening to the words of the Septon, bowing her head as she implores the old Gods without disrupting the man of the faith.

Fingers curl in her lap, brush across the dress that she still can not believe she wears only to look up as news is offered. Her eyes appear green in this light and they hold to Ormund's when he looks at her. Her smile grows, alights with warmth at the idea of winter breaking. Her hand goes to her goblet and now on her second drink lifts it before she finishes it off with enthusiasm.

"Spring Hobert," she says to the man beside her, offering then to place a blossom behind his ear.

Everyone takes well to Hobert, he is a bit of a beloved mascot to the city, he can even innocently travel into the Undercity on one of his exploratory missions and he won't be bothered and anyone ignorant of Oldtown enough to try to mess with Hobert gets schooled or worse by the locals. He is very happy to have a very pretty and kind girl sitting with him to and he puts a few of the flowers into her hair, but he looks very sorry at one point because he accidentally squished one of them while trying. But all sadness is instantly gone and he brightens up as big as the sun. "SPRING!" He claps very loudly and makes for not a still model to get the blossom behind his ear, though he very much is excited for it too.

Hobert and Eiris' interaction has Ormund smiling fondly.

The sweet is snatched out of Martyn's hands by his eldest sister and his lip starts to tremble and he starts to slide down under the table, but like a puppy, Arana has him by the scruff of the collar and she pulls him back up and whispers to him. It's clear she's being very strict with him, but there really is no outward appearance of such, to anyone that doesn't know better she is just whispering sweet words of encouragement into his little ear. He hugs himself and broods in his chair, not even looking up to make eye contact with anyone. When Lynesse realizes he's sad though she leans over to give him a snuggle and what she whispers to him makes him smile.

Ormund settles back down and then he must lean back as the servants are immediately placing the first of 12 courses down.

Hobert makes up for how awkward Eiris feels in the setting, in her dress and hair and the food. Her father looks pleased, speaking with Kina and her husband with barely a glance towards Eiris. Thusly she is left with her sneaky lap gremlin that has left her flowers and her pattern in crime, Hobert. Not that she is complaining in the slightest. She smiles for her table partner and leaning over offers him a cheek kiss once his own flower is settled in place. "You look lovely and ready for Spring," she tells him.

That is when she notices Martyn's pouting and looks down to see the morsel gone. She frowns a measure but with the meal being set out she can not rectify anything. She does, however, wink at the young man and turns her head for him to see a few of the flowers that Hobert helped adorn her with.

The first round of twelve is already looking like it could fill her up and she is careful to enjoy it, savor the taste as she looked to own the table and spots Arana, giving the young lady a nod of her head.

Arana smiles to Eiris like they were sisters, while she lifts up a sweet stolen morsel up to her mouth to take a bite.

Hobert is as bright red as the Hightower's flames. He looks to Ormund and points to Eiris. "She kissed me!" He giggles chimes in a sweet high voice.

Ormund lifts up an eyebrow while smiling. "Is that so, well I hope you won't mind that I will be the first to ask our Eiris for the first dance." Hobert shakes his head, "Only if you ask her very nicely. We must be very nice for our guests. She is a hero!" Yes, Eiris has a fan for life in the sweet older nobleman.

One thing is for certain, Eiris does not have the patience for spoiled ladies and their attempts at being 'clever'. She gives Arana a look and then lets her eyes move to Martyn where her expression softens. Sweet boy. As the discussion of a kiss and then dances go on, she very nearly misses it until her name is heard.

She lifts a brow and looks between the two lords before offering a sweet smile, "I would be honored to have a dance with each of you if Lord Hobert would be so kind as to give me a second? And then Lord Martyn, should he find his little legs able - or she will hold him if need be.

"Oh no. Nononono." Hobert is vibrantly blushing. "I don't dance. Thank you though. Dance with my cousin." He whispers to Eiris, "Dance with my cousin, I think he likes you. He never dances."

Much like Eiris, it's not until his name is spoken that the toddler pays attention and he bounces with a pair of sausages in each hand he waves around like drumsticks. "Dance!"

There is a break between courses and Ormund makes a gesture and the minstrels begin to play. When Ormund stands it, of course, draws attention everyone thinks it's time for another announcement. Because as Horbert revealed, Ormund never dances. But around the table, he goes until he's standing beside Eiris chair and he offers her the back of his hand. "Might I have this dance?"

"Oh, do you really think so?" Eiris asks in a hushed tone to Hobert. Her smile is soft, light and she reaches out to touch his hand gently before it falls to her lap. Her eyes wander past her tablemate to that of Ormund and she continues to eat at given times before she shoots Martyn a nod and smile.

So when suddenly Ormund moves to stand and offers his arm in the midst of courses, she is caught off guard. "Now sir? At this very moment?" Eyes are upon them and she can feel the weight they carry. To deny him would be foolish.

But her eyes are on the creatures that watch them both and she closes her eyes and finally pushes herself up. "I would be delighted an honored," she expresses for all to hear. Of course, the hand that lifts to his is shaking a little beneath the attention they are getting. This is a part of what he wants for her that she will never adjust to - the eyes. The judgment.

Eiris looks to Hobert and finds strength there at the very least before she pushes back her chair and steps out, making sure that sculpted dress of black and white does not catch before she is free of chairs and tables to be guided to the dance floor.

Hobert knows what it's like to be looked at and judged, he leans in and whispers, "Don't mind them, they just think you are soooo pretty." Hobert helps Ormund slide out Eiris' chair, "Yes, I could use a bit of exercise after such food." He holds onto her hand and gives it a squeeze and then guides her down to the open area between the tables. The Lord makes a sweeping like gesture and that means, 'get out here and dance' and soon they are surrounded by other dancers so they are shielded from most eyes. "I can't dance. But I just had to hold you." He whispers to her and somehow manages not to move his lips very much, he just looks like he's smiling at her. He was not fibbing about not being able to dance, lack of rhythm and the fact that he had an arrow in his calf a couple of weeks ago just has thm mostly shuffling. "Probably a bad idea. But I had to."

"Thank you, Hobert. Its the flowers you put in my hair from Martyn," she says before she is whisked away. Eiris looks at those they pass, offering a smile until she is facing him. His hands upon her cause her to miss a breath or two as her head tilts to look up at him. "Is that all?" She seems amused and sadly her lips move so the illusion is slightly broken for she is not good at having to hide the fact she is talking.

Her eyes stray only once or twice but then return to him. "I have missed you," she says suddenly, attempting to appear like she is discussing something as mundane as the weather but those who are keen enough will see her expression falter, soften even as those hazel eyes hold upon their lord.

A new pair has joined the dancefloor. Arana has practically dragged her cousin, Eiris' half-nephew Alon down to the dance floor and with a mummer's grace she is twirling around the dance floor.

"I have missed you. So much. You look so beautiful. I am sorry I've been so busy. We need to figure out some sort of signaling system. There is a map in your side table. Maybe if the maid brings you a red candle you can come to visit me? You, of course, can come any time, I just might be in the office instead, wouldn't want to miss you." He is rather a master at making it look like they are talking about the weather. "Have you been well?"

Now whatever answer she would have given is most likely cut off and replace with other sounds as the foot they have been working so hard to get back to 100 percent is stepped on - hard. "Sorry!" Arana exclaims in a way like it was a complete accident and she doesn't even realize that it was anything hard or anything more than a little innocent collision on the dance floor. Those things happen all the time! So not worried about it being anything but a little bump does the pair continue to twirl around and gather adoring coos and ahhhs.

"A red candle, you make it seem so mysterious," Eiris says, quite in awe of the moment as the lord is carefully swaying them back and forth - which she is grateful for considering her foot. "My lord," she begins and then there is the pain. It blossoms and shoots through her leg leaving her gasping, leaning to the side her hand upon his shoulder grips tightly, shaking as a sheen of sweat already appears on her brow.

There is no cry, there is no exclamation just a sudden tension and collection of her breath. Her face flushes with color and she staggers a little against him as she can't seem to hold to much weight as the mangled foot is suddenly just a mass of useless meat. "I need to sit," she finally manages to say, her voice high and tight as she blinks back the tears of pain. "I will be okay, I just need to sit," she professes and their dancing is done - all of her dancing, even with little Martyn is likely to be put on hold.

Ormund puts his arm around her lower back to help support her up so there's no weight on her foot, much like they would move around together at the camp. "Arana." He rumbles his disapproval and while he is keeping his cool that was the most serious authoritative voice she's heard from him, even worse than when she'd debase herself. But punishing his daughter will have to wait because he needs to take care of his lady.

"I am so sorry. This was the worst idea, next to hunting Bristles that I have ever had." He is mortified, furious and extremely concerned as he takes her through the dancing, carefully. When he gets them to the edge he doesn't take her back to the table. One of the servants near-by is told. "Maester to Master Hunt's Chambers. Now." When they get out of most of the view of others he scoops her up as he did at camp and limp-carries her home. "I don't want to hear it, most probably don't know we've left the dance floor. You are more important. We'll get you bandaged, out of pain and then and only then will we go back to the feast."

She needs the help, more than she cares to admit and tears being to sting and prick her eyes. She is breathing but it sounds strained though she's thankful that he is able to take most of her weight.

"No, it was nice. It was a wonderful idea and I do not regret it, neither should you," Eiris says, her mother's warning pulling at the back of her attention. Things will change. But as he scoops her up, her foot shifts and she very nearly whimpers. She rests against him like that and her forehead pressed to his jaw, "You should go back, I am not sure my foot is going to allow me too," because it feels like it's falling off - the last two toes at least.

She doesn't fight him where he puts her when they arrive, just grateful to be off her feet. "Go, the Maester will be here. You must return to your people." She even affords him a smile.

That dictator's finger is out again and it wags at her. "We have some time before we'll be missed." He rests her down on her bed and then sits on the stool of her vanity looking a bit like he has in the past sitting in the room across from the birthing room. His knees jitter up and down as he pumps his heels up and down anxiously. His hands are clasped together in the air between his knees. Teeth worrying at his bottom lip and his eyes glued to her. "I just… I don't know what… do you think she did that…" He can't even finish the thought. Arana has always tried a bit too hard to be like her mother's family. But he would never have thought that she could do something like this.

"I do not know your daughter, my lord," Eiris says, watching him with a great amount of concern as her foot remains up. "Help me take off my shoe, I think my foot is swelling," she says, trying to distract him. "Please." Her hand extends to him, reaching out ot bring him closer. "Don't question anything for now, speak to her, then maybe you will know but ..my shoe is hurting," she admits and starts to lean forward to help it off. It means he will get to see a small expanse of her leg if he helps her, that dress drawn up so she can see what is going on. She is not wearing breeches his time.

Rather immediately he is down on one knee kneeling before her so that he can look up into her eyes while his hands slide over her ankle and he pulls on the ribbons that keep her shoes laced and then carefully slides the shoe free. "Just look at me, breath and look at me, not at your foot. It's just going to be a little setback. Maester will be here and you'll be right as rain soon. I am so sorry. Where's the locket? Just squeeze onto it. It's going to be alright darling." The maester thankfully really was not that hard to get going and he the servants are announcing him, "In here please."

When the maester enters he has his healers kit. "Something for the pain, immediately." The maester instructs a maid to pour some tea and to that cup, he puts in a few drops of milk of the poppy which will do wonders to have her out of pain within minutes. Because they are no longer alone Ormund minds his decorum and once again sits on the stool of the vanity but scoots it over so that he can watch like a hawk what is going on. More often he is drawing her attention away from her foot and pointing to his face, where his eyes are kind, filled with love and worry and he has a thin little smile that makes him look a bit like a turtle when he's worried.

Focus on him. That's hard to do at first with her foot feeling the way it does. She grimaces, wincing as its removed and she tries to look away but there is blood on that stocking she wears. Her hazel eyes shoot up to his, fingers curling into the wealth of her skirt. "I am sorry..I do not think we will be dancing again tonight. You must give my apologies to your youngest and ask that Lynesse dances in my stead with him, please." She whispers. Gritting her teeth. Her eyes closed and she breathes even as she hears the Maester. Her pain has changed now that her foot is free.

She quickly drinks the tea without question - trusting utterly in those that know best she begins to blink and sway. There is a faint smile on her face as she looks to Ormund when he beckons her. That stocking removed, her toes look wrong. There is a taking from the Maester. "Orm…my lord," she catches herself. Her fingers slide across the edge of the bed and she is urged to lay back and prop her foot up so that the Maester can more easily attend to her. Now reclined into the pillows of her bed she turns her head to look at the lord of Oldtown. Company means that hand tha starts to reach for him is pulled back to her chest.

"I'm right here. Just breath. Let the medicine and Maester work. Don't you worry about dancing. He is probably napping in his food right now. The boy can sleep anywhere." He talks to keep her distracted and busy, there may, however, be a few times where she might see a wince as the maester works on her foot. "You're going to feel so much better after all this is done. Here's some more tea!" He helps her up and props her up just enough that she can drink more of the tea.

"Eiris, can you feel this?" The maester asks and there could be some gritty crunchy noises heard, but that Milk of the Poppy is some gooooood stuff and there is zero sensation. Once confirmed that she's not feeling any of it the maester really gets to work to repair the damage and finally to remove the unsalvageable and make sure everything is clean and tidy and will as promised once the pain of the surgery has faded, it will heal nicely and even be comfortable in a stirrup!

Let the medicine work? It is working for Eiris partakes of more with his help and her expressions grows more slack, more relaxed. She won't return tonight. The ivory made flowers nestle close to her face as she watches him, her eyes hazy with the milk of the poppy. She feels nothing and even says " Feel what?" To confirm. Her eyes drift closed and she whispers things, "Martyn is a beautiful child. I want to hold him," its a strange thing for her to say.

Then those eyes open again, having a moment where she focuses through him and then finally on him. Her lips part as if to say something but she's retained enough of her sense to refrain. Fingers reach for him, however, fanning out towards him. "Wildling," she says to him. Its a message for him, others will never know. Her two smallest toes have been taken finally, despite all the earlier efforts tonight has wasted them.

Ormund nods his head and is grinning wide, a bit proud of her for even high as the beacon atop the Hightower she still keeps it together enough to not babble. "Wildling.' He nods and holds her hands but always in a professional way that anyone in their position would do for someone having their toes cut off. "Soon, he'll want to visit tomorrow when you are feeling better, and you can hold him. He is beautiful, let's just hope he isn't as golden hair dispositioned as his biggest sister." Because right now, Arana's more than enough of the lion's share of a handful! He really couldn't take having to go through another Arana. "But I think he'll have better role models. So we'll be fine." He offers her a smile and tries to keep her distracted with conversation. "I think that you might have found your biggest fan. Hobert adores you. Which is the only seal of approval this City needs."

"He is the most gentle soul I have met…tested by time and the elements…he shines brilliantly," Eiris breathes, her smile softly as she then begins to spill forth her desires, "I want children, one day. I want me own sweet boys to hold.." she catches her breath, some of the pain is starting to fade through as the ends are sewn together. It is enough to bring her thoughts to the fore again. She blinks and turns her head to look upwards, catching her breath. "I am speaking nonsense," she whispers. She squirms in the bed as her eyes open to look at him then, "How bad is it?" Because she's lost toes, she knows it at least in some passing sense. Her hand tightens around his, squeezing it. "Wildling life…freedom," she says to him, the meaning is likely to clear for him alone as her gaze meets his. "It's starting to hurt…you need to go back..please. People will question your absence," she breathes.

The Maester and Ormund both chuckle. "We've all heard bigger nonsense in our days. You are fine Eiris. It's not like you were saying you want a horn coming out of your forehead. Though I think the Maester could provide if you really want." He pets her hair, in a way that's clearly professional as well cause he is, in fact, doing it to keep her from lifting her head and looking. "Just a few moments more, he's starting the bandages." Once the first piece is put on to cover the sight from her view he helps her take another sip. "Let them question. Everyone here can vouch for my reasons. There's plenty of wildling freedom here. Without the cold. Isn't that nice?" The maester is looking a tiny bit curious about all this wildling talk. "Inside joke from the camp," Ormund explains. Then he's looking down into her eyes again. "It's not bad at all, much better than it was. Probably best that it did happen. I'm sorry I fought so hard against this. Would you like to keep them? I'm unsure Northern practices, but slivers of something about bones…"

Enter Hanna from wherever she had been. The voices had drawn her into her daughter's room and her eyes fasten on Eiris and the Lord first before noting the Maester at her daughter's foot. Hurrying over, she hears the last and she lifts her voice. "I will keep them," she says. Her poor child, part of her daughter is taken and she stares at the bandages.

She moves towards Ormund who strokes her daughter's hair and holds her hand. "My lord," she dips into a bow and then reaches for her daughter's hand to pull it from his. "I will tend to her," no questions asked, but her concern is clear. "Ris, we will get you into your nightgown and you can rest. Maester, how often must the bandages be changed?" She asks. She is taking over and when Eiris is forced to take her mother's hand it is not with disgust but perhaps disappointment. Her eyes find his past her mother who tries to be a divider.

Eyes flicker closed as more of the milk of the poppy brings with it drowsiness. "Wildling,' she whispers again, her hand flexing in her mother's. Eiris is starting to truly lose her thoughts with all the poppy running through her system.

Ormund puts up no resistance to Hanna, he gracefully switches positions with the good woman and since everyone has their back to him he lifts his wrist up to give it a kiss before her eyes shut. "Wildlings." He stands back and lets Hanna nurse and the Maester Maest. But he doesn't fully leave, not until the Maester is done and leaving himself. So that they can make sure a plan is laid out and that Eiris will have everything she possibly needs to completely heal.

When Ormund returns to the feast he has taken a few moments to himself, to compose himself and make himself presentable again. There is a worried rumble of voices when he does reappear and he takes his place back at his throne-like chair at the high table.

"Everything is fine. Dancing just aggravated our guest of honor's injury. But she has been well seen to and is in her mother's care. If you would all join me in a toast and prayer to her speedy full recovery.

Once more the High Septon sermons forth a prayer bidding the gods to heal their lord's savior. He does go on a bit and Ormund settles to a sit. "Lynesse, switch seats with your sister." Is a gentle command with a warm and loving smile that goes vacant the moment Arana has slid into the chair beside him. "You and I will have a talk after dessert. But you will be having nothing more. I warn you that your behavior in the next few moments is very important. You will sit like a lady, smile like you are so very good at doing and be thankful that I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, at her behest."

Ormund - in fact, no one - has ever spoken to Arana in that manner and she is in shock. It's that shock that keeps her still, trembling but still, and when another serving is brought to be put in front of her; food that she loves to eat; she does as bided and politely smiles and declines stating that she's much too full.

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