(120-10-07) Packing Camp
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Summary: Ormund is finally well enough to pack up camp and head home… to the Real World. ((Hot & Steamy Alert))
Date: Turn of Vakarnis (10-07-120)
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Eventually, she does slumber, resting upon her back with one arm arcing over her head. So relaxed her hands lay half open and her breath is even. Her face is utterly relaxed, her wavy ginger hair spread out beneath her as the blankets have drifted. It means that her foot is revealed for the darkened look of her smallest two toes.

Ormund frowns as he looks at her toes. They aren't much better and the stirrup is going to be agony for her if they go home. He is not going to be able to sleep and so he quietly gets up and puts on several layers and makes sure his bandages are tight and his sling is dangling close at hand should he strain his arm while he goes about packing his men's things. Alone finally and confronted with the belongings of his men, it is the first time since the accident that Ormund could grieve like a man and not a Commander and Lord. He openly weeps in the dark only lit by a small lantern he brought with him. Every single little item, even the silly things like the bit of extra string one of them had to use to get his pants tied up is cherished a moment for the memory it brings before it's packed away.

He prays out loud but softly when he uses each of the tents now to individually wrap up his men. The old cold firepit near-by used as a receptacle for the few times he wretches. Well at least his body is no longer being tortured by that thing he claimed was a meal that he cooked earlier. It's also purged the mugwort tea that had not yet sunken in. He sucks on some clean snow and continues to do what he can to individually prepare them for the Silent Sisters.

After that is taken care of he puts together two drag sleighs using some of the spikes from the trap site One of them he spends a lot more time on, the other is just to place his men on. This one he wants to be a comfortable ride to be in. He actually gets a bit of an ingenious (at least he thinks so) idea and he sneaks inside of the pavilion to get the cot she refused to use and he folds it up and tries to tiptoe back outside to the sitting area with it so he can affix the cot to the slay so she has a place she can snuggle up in rather comfortable on the trip home.

The commotion has woken her, her eyes following him when he moves the cot outside. Eiris takes a moment or two to properly dress and house her feet in socks and boots before she steps out of the tent. She then follows the sounds, giving a look about the camp in the night. Its his lantern that draws her in that bedraggled state. Her hair is wild about her face and those eyes are only half awake that find him setting the cot to rights behind one of the horses.

She slowly approaches him, backlit by the fire from their tent, her face only slightly illuminated by the lantern he has. "You should be resting your shoulder," she says softly and then she notes the men, bundled in their tents and her face changes, she swallows. "I am sorry…..you should have asked me to help. That must not have been easy," she says softly. "You are a good lord to them, to us all. Oldtown is lucky." She offers him, taking a step closer as her eyes lift to finally study his face.

Ormund looks apologetic over at her when she shuffles into view. "I'm sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep." He points the dagger he's using to craft the drag sleds at her foot. "And you're not supposed to be up around on those toes. So we're both in trouble aren't we?" He gives her one of his little thin smiles. "It was something I had to do, I preferred doing it alone. There are just some things. I hope you understand." He has not been crying in some time, but there are just those naughty lasting side effects like red crusty eyes that still linger.

"Come on, give it a try and then back to bed." He gives her forehead a kiss and then gestures her to her carefully made transportation home. "I put a little bit of a cross beam here so when it's at an angle there won't be pressure on your foot at the bottom. A little seat if you will, Which and be pulled out if it gets uncomfortable or raised or lowered into these other holes. But with stacks of blankets to keep you bundled and warm, I think it will hardly be noticed."

Eiris does not shy from that kiss but rather reaches her hand up to rest on his upper arm lightly. Eyes follow his motion and she looks thoughtfully over the work he's done. "I can walk…truly. I will be okay." She will be okay - her voice seems to say with certainty. Giving a once over to the sleigh, she then turns her head up to him and then says.

"I meant what I said. I wish to be near you," her voice is soft and small, her grip on his arm tightening as she comes to stand before him. "What you asked of me is what I would never admit to wanting. I know… I know things will never be as I entirely wish them, but I admire you. To return to that small home, to never see you live your life or deal with what comes your way would be…a sad existence. So even if it is smiling we share, then that is all it will be." She says. "I will join my father and serve your household directly. In every way, I can." Really the only way she can be near him is to do so. Practical to the last. But her hand on his arm starts to stray, lift upwards as she steps in to brush at the curls near his ear, feathering through them.

The lord sheathes his blade after cleaning it with a few swipes to his pants. Then he uses his bad hand to lift up just a little to give her nose tip a little poke. Boop. "Obey your Lord." She will use the sleigh and be comfortable and cozy. "Let me take care of you. I did this," He gestures to the sleigh, "For you. Take the gift. It will be the first of many. Because I want you to be near as well. No secret passageways. We can go for hunts when one of my cousins have your father. Spend some time together like this. Just without the death and injuries, I hope. Perhaps rabbits, maybe deer." All safer thing to hunt with such a small party. "You did a good job preserving the head. Thank you. Is it odd that I'll be able to look at it and have good memories? Is that horrible? My men are dead, but when I look at the head I'll think of it bringing us together. You see, perhaps I am not a good a man as you think of me." He frowns, ashamed of himself at the very least.

"You will also feel their loss, I am certain. But to live life with regrets all the time is no life," Eiris offers, her dark brows furrowing. "You are a good man. You wanted me to pull them free first, you called to them first…everything you did out there was to put them first. What happened was tragic and unpredictable and you should not feel as though you carry their souls upon you. You do not." The Huntress tries to ease his conscience, her eyes searching his.

"I will take the gift," she says to him. "Even if it hurts my pride to do so," because she does have pride. "And you need not gift me with anything save a smile, perhaps a touch of your hair when the time allows." She is a young woman in love and thought has not said as much that gaze she gives him speaks volumes. Her hand in his hair is smoothed through again and she steps that last bit of distance between them and closes it. "Come back to bed," she says, her voice rich with what she does not say directly. "If it is to be our last night, I would like to rest beside you."

There is a pondering hmm from him as she lays out how she sees him. Finally, he nods and leans in to kiss her lips softly. "One moment more…" He begs her to stay and unsheaths his dagger once more only so long as to carefully cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the ribbon in her disheveled hair and then he stretches out one of his curls and the dagger goes to the scalp of it and with a little nick of the blade the whole curl comes free. It does a natural loop in on itself and he fumbles a bit to tie the ends together with the ribbon. "Help me?" Once they have gotten the favor tied he offers it to her. "To keep with you when we are apart." He then takes her by the other hand and leads her into the pavilion that looks rather lonely now, being the only thing still erect.

Surprise shows upon her face when he takes the blade to his hair, her hand drawn back as she remains as he bids. Eiris uses her smaller fingers to tie that ribbon, looking at the precious lock of his hair. Taking it gingerly she weaves the fingers of her other hand with his and follows beside him. Her eyes lift to him, turning to regard him as they walk.

It is only as they enter, the fire low and the warmth evident that she speaks. "You may have a lock of my hair as well." She will draw him with and kneeling before the flames, she sets his lock of hair down upon her lap and then reaches up to her hair. She takes a small bit from the inside of her hairline and begins to braid it. The ribbon is pulled free and she ties one end, then extends her hand for his knife.

She will cut a bit of ribbon off -halving it effectively and ties the other end so each is secured by the rough linen. Once done she pushes the rest of her hair back and offers him the knife and holds the bottom end of the braid. "Please," she bids of him.

The grip of the blade is very high, to the point where it's just a tiny section of it revealed between his fingers so he can use it like a razor blade to cut her hair. Once it's loose he wraps it around his wrist and holds the ends together for her to fasten up the ribbon to keep it there as a bracelet. "When I get home I'll have it braided with leather and gold and wear it always." The dagger is returned to the sheath, the belt is removed and he starts to get undressed down to his chemise and britches for bed.

Helping to fasten it about his wrist, Eiris looks from the token up to him and then watches him stand to undress. She has never been in anything but her double dresses, to help ward off the cold and so silently she stands and there will be a rustling of cloth behind him and then a heavy sound as the fabric collects. One dress is aside and she is in the process of removing her second her chemise gathering up with it to show a long length of leg and nearly up to her hip on the right side before she manages to get it off and to the ground. She steps out of the oversized boots, leaving her socks on as she shivers, standing there beside the fire as shadows play and hint at her form against the frail fabric.

When he turns around he is caught breathless. "Eiris… I am loathed to admit it, but you are my weakness. I asked you to leave my bed because I don't…" Proof of her enchantment over him is in the fact that he's already reaching to touch the curves that are shown off by the flimsy fabric but he stops himself. "… I can't trust myself with you. You are so sweet, so beautiful, I've not felt this way about anyone and it's intoxicating and it makes me want to do things. Things that I would never dream to actually do because I respect and honor you so."

Fingers catch at his reaching hand and then take it, pulling him towards her lightly as she steps in towards him. She stares up at him, those hazel eyes dancing back and forth between his own. Her hand releases his but only to find a place amongst the curls just above his ear. She feathers her fingers through them and offers him a warm smile.

"I want you to kiss me," she bids of him. It's an innocent request, one she makes in that tone with a bit more assured strength behind it. The other hand lifts, smoothing up into his hair on the other side of his head.

Her request makes him sigh. "My dear, that's what I'm saying - warning - I don't think I can keep things to just a kiss or two." His protests drift off because she's touching his hair again. "You are so sweet… you don't understand the storm you are stoking." Tilting his head he kisses the inside of her lifted arm and he takes her hand out of his hair and uses it to pull her down with him into the covers. "We must sleep." Cause if they don't get to sleep now, he's afraid they'll be up past dawn.

Eiris is young, is sweet but when he pulls her hands free from his hair, she looks unsteady. But she follows him, going to her knee and then to the pad of blankets. As she lays there, she looks to him and her hand cannot help the hair she seeks. The soft caress to his cheek and then that curling hair. She lets out a breath and scoots closer to him, her face not far from his. Fingers, pet and stroke across his skin unless he stops her but soon her leg brushes his, her cheek finds his shoulder and the young huntress is close to his side with only a little room between them.

A long deep breath does little to calm him as all he gets is a nose full of her scent. It's his bad arm that he slides under her neck so he can wrap it around her, so it doesn't matter if it is put to sleep by the weight of her head. He kisses her forehead and rubs her back with the arm around her. "The sweetest of sleep for my sweet."

Sleep is not what Eiris wants but it is what he is insisting on. Her hand stills its touch and it comes to rest on his chest. A soft sigh escapes her and she becomes resigned to the simple side by side they have taken on. Eventually, she does start to drift, cocooned in his warmth - such a strange thing for someone who has only to this moment slept alone.

In her sleep her head drifts to his chest, the front of her brushes his side and she strangely comfortable wrapped up near him.

Sleep for the nobleman is probably the hardest it has ever been to reach. But he manages, it is a good exercise for his arm and it drifts up and down her back and pets over her hair even when he's mostly asleep. The irony is, he's not used to sleeping with someone either. Which is probably adding to his unrest. Juleen slept in her own chambers and would only share his bed when it was her pique fertility and even then she would leave his bed to sleep in her own bed afterward. Ahh the life of a noble, so romantic.

In the morning a snorfle from the horses snaps his eyes open and he is in that state where he feels like he just closed his eyes and hours have passed. Once he realizes that she's snuggled against him still he smiles and lowers his face to kiss her lips. "It's morning. We should get up and dressed and pack.." But it sounds like he clearly wants to stay in bed and do those things she wants to do but honor won't let him do them done.

His movement, the press of lips, his smell, it rouses her slowly and Eiris smiles, lazily opening her eyes to look at him. She draws a breath, stretches as her whole body tenses and stretches out against his own before her leg once more finds its place between his and she slumps relaxing a little more. Finally, she tilts her head up and places another kiss upon his mouth. "It is not morning," she murmurs in protest and snuggles closer, sapping his warmth as the cold starts to creep in. Her mouth finds him again, and again and she mmmms softly.

Ormund squishes her a bit as he stretches to feed a bit more logs into the fire because it is indeed gotten a bit cold. Though he is very warm. "Either that or it's afternoon and we've slept in, which really means we should get up and get ready." Look at him go! In fact, he doesn't even extract himself from the press against her even though the wood is popping in the fire already.

The press of him, feeling him so near as he leans over her to set more wood to the flame, causes a shiver up her spine. She wets her lips and leans in to place her lips against his throat, breathing in deeply. Eyes close and as he settles back into their little nest she buries her face against his neck, her bow brushing his jawline. "A little longer.." she bids of him.

The moon would be plucked from the heavens if she asked in that voice and so, of course, a little thing like a bit more time in bed is given to her with a nod and a kiss to the top of her head. Supporting himself on a crooked good arm his 'bad arm' moves to rub over her arm to try to build up some friction to keep warm. "You know, a Maester once told a unit of troops that were out in the freezing cold that skin to skin contact would be the best to warm them up…. alas they chose to freeze." He chuckles because it's a joke, they did freeze, but not to death. They were just miserably cold and sick. "If you were there then. I doubt they'd had suffered.."

What a strange thing to say. Eiris blushes, pulling back to look up at him. "I would like to think I would not be so easily swayed by a man," she points out, swallowing. It's probably not entirely what he meant by his words but poorly chosen were they. She lifts her hand to smooth through his hair. "Would you like…skin to skin?" Because she asks, the color still rises to her cheeks in faint embarrassment. "I want to love you." She tells him. She lays there, hesitant to touch him further. Her own chemise has risen a little high along her leg with how they slept but his breeches have kept him from feeling the length of the skin upon her leg.

The Lord of Oldtown blushes as well. "I was getting at that. Poorly as usual. I was trying to tease that it's a shame I was too poor to give you the wise bit of Maester knowledge. Could have saved your toes maybe, and lessen my fever…" He shakes his head, "By the gods, you make me stupid with lovesickness… I'm sorry. I really don't know what comes out of my mouth with you until it's out and I'm ashamed." He peeks up and looks into her eyes through his lashes. "Forgive me? I really don't understand what is happening to me." Though he will be facepalming when they get home and a Maester tells him the side effects of too much mugwort tea!

"I want to love you too. But I want to court you, woo you, far away from this place. You deserve that much. It is hard, to not give in to these desires, but that is the knight's way. That is my way."

Court her. Woo her. Eiris looks at him, brows furrowing, "How…I mean .. it's not possible." She's wanting to steal moments now, knowing he will likely turn his face to another. She merely gives a nod, lowering her head to rest upon his chest. "I like that you speak freely around me." She admits, laying quietly there for a moment when the sound of the horses draws her up. "We must return. We have been gone nearly a week," she says faintly and realizing this has given her some strength to free herself of him. She pulls away, leaving him bereft of her warmth and presence as her red hair falls long against her back.

Pushing the blankets away, she starts to rise and the chill air washes over her, causing her to shiver.

Pants are pulled under the blankets so that he can get dressed in the relative warmth of their nest. He can't say that he doesn't enjoy the view, but he frowns as she shivers. "Speaking freely isn't what I was doing, making a fool of myself and not saying what I intended is more like it." He stands up and slides into his shirts but lifts his cloak that's been by the fire around her. "There you go with impossible again. I thought that we weren't going to say - or think - such things. Do you trust me?"

"I trust you, I do not trust others, my lord." Eiris still uses his title, unable to bring herself to use his given name even if she knows it. "You are going to seek to woo me against the words of advisors and your people? Will you do so in the open and risk your good name like my father did? I would not do that to you, that is what I mean by what I say." But she is only a step away from being ennobled herself and it need only be spoken by her father to make it so. She grasps at her first dress, lifting it above her head to pull up and down her around her chemise, hiding her feminine frame from his view. Once done, there is the second to contend with and it takes a little more maneuvering to get it into place.

Ormund goes to sit down and begins to pack up the things around that area. "First of all, I know many don't treat you as such, but there is a difference between smallfolk and a Bastard. and that is gone - at least legally - sure there will still be those that judge - once your father legitimizes you. You'll not be a Flowers anymore, you will be a Hunt. Who has always had a fine relationship with House Hightower. Your half-sister, after all, is now a Hightower. You are not smallfolk, you are a Flowers. If you weren't noble then you'd not have the name Flowers to mark you as such. I have heirs, I was married before, I have been expected to take on at least a mistress for the last few years now. I simply have not because what others feel I should do, and what I hold myself too are completely different things. So I hope that that is proof enough of my intentions towards you. There is no reason a hero, the Lord of Oldtown's savior to not be given legitimacy. Especially with the relationship, you do have with your father. It's not like he's ashamed of you."

He seals up a now filled trunk and looks up at her. "I have done everything just right all of my life. If they wish to stone my reputation because I care about a magnificent woman, so be it."

That second dress is dragged and pushed, brushed into place and Eiris has heard his every word. In fact, She seems to watch him then, her lips parting as she has words she would say but can not find them. He has driven her excuses away with his bid to have her legitimized. "People will still be disappointed should all this come to pass. I do not know how to even begin to be part of a court…or a noble class," it will definitely be a challenge for her but now her eyes have look aside. Slowly she draws a breath, going to the gathering and folding their blankets. She is quiet, thoughtful even with a few glances towards him.

"You think so highly of me…you begin to make me feel I might just be…." she lets her voice trail, thoughtful as she folds up the blankets and stacks them one atop each other.

The good arm is reached out, hand splayed to beckon her to take it so that he can draw her into his lap, kiss her and explain, "Do you know there were some that didn't think Juleen Lannister was the right match for me? There is no pleasing everyone and I've already jumped through enough of those hoops for a lifetime. "It might be years… which will give you plenty of time to acclimate as you wish. Living in the Tower is a toss into the deep end lesson in court life. Your current position will afford you the opportunity to watch and learn from the outside. Some will pay you no mind, which will be at your advantage. People reveal themselves when they don't care who's in the room with them. That knowledge is power in court. Then, when you are a Hunt, you will be able to use those things in your favor and people might not be all smiles about it, but they won't dare speak out about it. Not when you know what you do, and with your family in such a position." Noble life 101.

Setting the stack of blankets down to be corded up and tied she rises only when his hand reaches for her. Slowly she steps forward and takes it, only then to find herself settling into his lips. The casual kiss he gives her causes her to blush. "So then what position would you give me at court while I am not a Hunt?" Because suddenly his idea of her being legitimized seems possible, seems right. Her hand lifts, cupping his cheek as she smiles for him, its a brilliant thing that draws her eyes into small slits. Her thumb brushes the corner of his mouth, her head tilting as she leans in slowly to place her lips close to his mouth before finally kissing him for herself.

Her question causes him a moments thought while giving his nose a little itch. He's also a bit distracted by the kiss. Clouding his usual sharp wit of court for the moment. But after he's given a kiss in return he offers, "Well, assistant to your father, you will be living in the tower, free to wander and be wherever you wish to be. If you would like an actual position and wish to learn about courts, becoming maid to my eldest will only increase your crash course in court life. She is her mother's daughter. Arana will be married in a few years no doubt, which will fit our timeframe." He makes sure that he has eye contact with her before concluding, "You are." Finally replying to her comment about her starting to feel worthy. "I will also remind, that no matter what happens between us, I will help your father with the legitimacy, he will always have his position so long as he wishes it while I am Lord, and you, you will have the freedom to live and do as you wish. Your mother as well."

"You would do all this …to court me. What if in that time you decide that it is not I that you wish for? You have known me all of a week and decided I am to share in your affections," Because though Eiris may be caught up in the whirlwind of his favor she knows that things can go wrong, in fact her brows furrow then, her hand lowering to rest upon his shoulder. "Forgive me, I am …apprehensive. I worry that things will go wrong." She starts to look like the hesitant young woman from the days prior but her eyes are taken with him, searching his face. Fickle. Lords can be fickle and many of them have several women they turn to in times of need. She is young, not foolish - at least not entirely. Because she doesn't want to admit that she enjoys sitting in his lap, pressed closer to him and sharing stolen kisses.

Ormund shakes his head, "I would do all of this because you deserve it. All of that is exactly why I did not have my way with you last night. I want to know you better, and for you to know me and what being a lover of mine would entail. Don't be sorry, apprehension thought before the act. These are virtues that will do you very well in court." He lifts up a hand to cup her cheek and caress it with a slow swish of his thumb. "I don't do any of this to have you. I do it so that you will finally have yourself. Do you understand? I adore you. I won't be the one with the choices. My life won't change, my admiration for you won't change. I am old, I am not a maiden with so much ahead."

She leans into his touch, a soft breath leaving her before her head turns and her lips press to his palm. "I will be lucky should we find favor in each other at the end of all of this," Eiris says. Her hand lifts to his and she holds it there against her cheek. "I am afraid…I have seen how nobles are. I am going to miss my life…the simple things and day to day. You will let consider my choices and speak with my father? I know he will accept whatever you offer him but I think…perhaps, I need to be sure for myself. I would like to visit Oldtown and your household. To understand what the court is like…to be certain for myself that I am ready to accept your offer." She speaks plainly, her eyes holding true to his during it. Her hand grasps his, a little more tightly and then eases. She leans forward, pressing her forehead to his, "you are the only reason I am even considering a position there."

Lips are lifted to touch against hers. "That is exactly what I was saying for you to do. I shouldn't be the only reason you are considering this. Until I am not, I will not allow us to do things that could be regretted by you in the light of the return to normalcy. I refuse to be someone you resent so long as I can help it."

"Right now, you are. I have had no desire for anything more, save for those nights recently in the long winter that has stolen my breath and left me cold till morning. The idea of being able to rest without fear of the cold would be something to cherish..and my mother." That alone has her looking at him, "I would do it for her, to see her health return and her smile as well. To know she is not worried about feeding us and tending the house." It seems Eiris may have another reason, her eyes searching his. "Tell me..what would her and father's quarters be like? Where would they live? What would you have her do?"

She has by now learned that he has a tell, he scratches the side of his nose when he's thinking, giving pause before answering. "They - all of you - would live in the Chambers of the Master of the Hunt, where he lived before you were born. They are in the lower levels, above the mews in the towers. But they are still appointed for noble life. Forgive me darling, but I can't remember if Asten married your mother? If they are married, she is, of course, welcomed to live in the chambers, acting as his wife would, her life would not change but for comfortability. If she is not, as I said once she's to health she can be a maid to Lynesse, or maybe with her obvious knowledge of herbs and such, she could be maid to our Maester… there are several options. No one must strife or do something they do not wish to do."

"I want this for her….more than anything. If it means her health can be watched. She is weak," Eiris says, "No..they never married. But I think she would do well working with the Maester and likely enjoy it," she intones. Before she can even second guess herself she withdraws her hands to rest in her lap. "Then I accept. For my mother if nothing else. To see her warm, happy and fed, I would give anything." Even if it means facing the court of nobles in Oldtown. Even if it means a change from being able to wear britches beneath her skirts to keep her warm. "You must then speak with my father and not tell him why you are extending this again. Come when I am there and I will make a point of saying that my mother will be in better health there…once you extend a position for her. I will come." She promises him.

His brows crinkle, "I don't think I've made myself clear again. Your father, your mother, and you are going to be taken care of. Not in exchange for your love and affection. But because it is the right thing to do. So there is nothing to accept. What you need to think of is yourself. Not your mother, father, or me. What is it that you want for yourself?" He lifts his lips to very softly brush against hers. "Once you've done that and if it is in my favor, I will approach your father about doing what's right in legitimizing you. Again, not so that I may court you, but because it's what you deserve. Then and only then if you will have me, I will do my very best to prove worthy of your affection."

Caught up in that moment when he brushes her lips, Eiris' eyes fasten upon him. Her hands curl into each other, tightening their grip as she draws a long breath. "What I deserve? It will change my life forever.." she says and then adds, "I will not be able to do this anymore..the hunts. The tracking and gaming," she explains. "That is who I am..all of who I am." She's never been anything more or less. "I am not sure I am up to that task, but for now…now I am to be a Flowers, helping my father with the Hunt," she says, trying to mollify herself. Her eyes closed and she is obviously warring with the thoughts. Deep green eyes, open to meet his own before she leans in and presses a rather insistent kiss to his lips.

The crinkled brow turns into a deep furrow as he looks at her as if she had gone mad. "It is perfectly acceptable for a Lady to join in on the hunt. Yes, certain decorum would need to be adjusted to. But there is no reason to think that you will be banned from the hunt. I mean to give you wings, not to clip them. Once your father has petitioned the King to Legitimize you, I will second the motion and hopefully gain my cousin's support as well. This is not something out of your reach Eiris, you simply much extend yourself towards it." Despite talk of keeping things proper, her kiss and the insistence of it has his will to be honorable melting quickly. "I just want you happy." He whispers over her lips, forehead pressed against hers, nose nuzzling hers as he speaks. "With or without me, that is the thing I desire most in the world. For you to be happy and healthy."

"You are a man that I can not and do not understand, there is no one like you. To offer me such things…you knew so little of me and had I not accepted to go with you, I would still be at home tending my mother. Forgive me, this is all so much to take in.." she says softly. Her forehead presses back against his own and then she kisses him again, her chin tilting in to press lips upon his own, seeking needfully. Her hand hovers near his face, brushing then along his jaw and up into his hair, those soft curls, one of which rest in a pocket sewn into the seam of her dress.

"My heart soars that you kiss me." All on her own, of her free will and desire. It means a great deal to him, helps him not feel like he is taking advantage as other men have seemingly tried to do in the past. "I'm not so complicated. Mayhap you can read and stitch the code in needlework practice. To know the Code is to know and understand me."

"If I were even passingly good at needlework, I might," she whispers and brushes her forehead to his, her nose thereafter. Eiris lets her lips hover close, remain there but does not press again. "In time…maybe." She whispers. Because the court will change her and she knows it will. Whether that woman she becomes is someone she likes something time will tell.

Ormund gives a little smile, "I did say practice. Actually chose my words carefully at that time. No matter how it looks, it is a good thing for you to read about. I obviously can't coherently talk to you yet. But it would mean a great deal to me if you did study the Code. It would be a bit like sharing my soul, my purpose."

"Then tell me the start of it," Eiris bids of him, his smile echoes back at him from her lips. She has found her comfort in his lap, her side pressed to his chest. Her hand strokes through his hair, enjoying the soft curls moving through her fingers.

"There is the list of virtues, the rest is rather lengthy and we'll never pack and return home if I even scratch the surface of the 'start of t. A knight must seek to be the pinnacle of: Faith, Charity, Justice, Sagacity, Prudence, Temperance, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope, and Valour." It takes him a while to list them all as he keeps getting lulled into quiet peace as she plays with his hair. "You mustn't reveal this to anyone…" He points up at his hair. "The Dorne may attack and their first order will be, 'Pet Lord Ormund's hair! Knock him unable to command!' And the fall of Oldtown in a slide of fingers through hair." He is surprised at how truly effective her hand in his hair is at rendering him stupefied with peace and adoration.

"I will not tell a soul, I like the idea that I know what soothes you," she says. Eiris watches him as she does, stroking her hands through his hair, over his scalp. She smiles for him and then repeats for him, "Faith, Charity, Justice.." pausing she mulls over the next, "Sagacity?" Once confirmed right she carries on. "Prudence, Temperance…" the next causes her some grief and she looks for him to fill in and repeats it. "Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope and Valour." She then leans in slowly to his ear and says, "I have never had an eye for someone…Ormund. I hope, that in two years I will have the right to do this again. To sit with you, to touch you," she says and kisses his cheek gently. She removes her hand from his hair slowly, feathering her hand upon his cheek as she does before she rises with great reluctance, "We should go," she says.

A slow sigh that is more a deep building breath is taken, he knows that they should go, but she's lulled him into such depths of comfort and ease that it will take some time to climb out. He offers his good hand to help her stand up, but not before he leans in to kiss her. "Would you find it poorly of me if I ask you into my chambers…secretly if I'm in need of your magic? I fear now that I may not be able to go without it for very long. Just for my hair and maybe a song…nothing untoward expected."

Hesitant at first to answer him with such a request, Eiris finally gives a slow nod to him, her hand lingering in his. "I will answer should you call on me," she promises. "For a song and the soothing of you to sleep. Nothing more. For if our time here has proven anything, it is that you are a man of will," even against her insistent which she may very well than him for later. Reluctantly she releases his hand and steps back from him, turning to gather the rest of the blankets, singing softly as she goes about cleaning out the rest of the pavilion.

Packing the large pavilion is a bit slow on his part, his arm is sore from last night's packing, building and then cuddling all night and morning. His servants had things packed very precisely and he hasn't really dealt with it on his own. He's got several things just sitting in the middle of the room because he can't find out how or where to pack it. "We can come back for things as well…It's not like we must worry about it being taken." If they haven't come across anyone in a week, he's pretty confident that the things left behind will still be there when someone returns.

"This side of the creek is not often sought after because of the difficulty of passing," she admits. Then her eyes stray to that cot that has been made into a sled for her. "I would like to walk…or ride. I can ride bareback," she explains to him as if that would change everything. Arriving at her father's doorstep in a cot sled cause her to frown a measure. Pride. She helps in fixing a few things more to the small caravan of horses that will be tied to each other in turn - which is the next task. Setting them in a line with her cot sled at the end she frowns. "Wait..do you know the way back?" Because how are they supposed to get home if he turns them the wrong way?

There is mild offense taken, "I know my way home." He points in the actual way Oldtown is. "I shall make you a compromise. You will rest in the sleigh after we've crossed the creek and then after until we begin to return to civilization. So you can ride back into the city on your own."

The city. He means to take her directly there and not to the hovel she calls home. "I..forgive me, I had only thought we would go to my own," she admits. Her brows furrow and Eiris sees to tightening saddles into place now that some time is given to the horses to adjust. The girth belt is tightened with a grunt and grit of her teeth and then set into place. She does not say another word, her attention for packing and finishing for a time. The cot is not going to be a fight, she won't let it but its obvious that his compromise was not something she expected or likewise where they were going.

A finger is wagged and pointed down at her foot. "You and I both need to be seen by the Maesters. Soon as they are done with us, I will deliver you home, and let your parent's know they have raised a hero, and for that, they will be rewarded. You can then do more packing." There is a smile that has some humor that even more packing is ahead of her. He looks about the camp and makes certain that his men's bodies are well secured. "Alright, let's get across the creek and get you settled in and we will go home."

Her eyes meet his, her wild red hair shifting about her face as he wags that finger at her. Hazel eyes stare then at the wiggling appendage, her brow rising slowly before she makes a thoughtful sound. Eiris turns then, setting the last girth belt to rights before she hesitates, "A moment."

She strides past him, favoring her right foot in those oversized boots she took from one of his men. Slowly she comes to stand beside their bodies lined up as they are and begins to sing, its a song to the Old Gods, one that will take nearly eight minutes to complete before she finally steps back. She turns then, tugging her cloak more firmly around her. "Now we go."

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