(120-09-10) Mother Knows Best
Details for Mother Knows Best
Summary: Hanna confronts Eiris with concerns about what's going on between her daughter and Lord Ormund Hightower.
Date: Turn of Lihanis (10-09-120)
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Not really all that much later and Eiris is readying for bed in her new chambers, actually having her own hearth, a chair to sit in and stroke her hair through with a brush. It is a strange thing and she finds herself unable to sleep - which is an advantage for her mother. Hanna does not knock for there was but a mere curtain separating her room from her parents.

"Eiris, we need to speak," she begins and the Flowers turn to acknowledge her mother, "Of course," she says. The small lock of hair has been put on her bedside table and stands out like a sore thumb with that ribbon wound around it - Hanna has yet to see it. Her eyes are all for her daughter.

"You musnt' go to him, in fact, your father may stay but we should go. Return to our home and maybe even consider returning to the North together," Hanna says sharply. This leaves Eiris staring at her, her chest going tight as her hand slowly lowers the brush to her lap.

Hanna steps forward, taking it and lifting her daughter's chin with her hand. "He may bed you, take your honor and though I do not think that is likely what he is pushing for in making you a Hunt …maybe with good intentions but I see the way he looks at you. A second wife would suit him. You are young and clever..beautiful even," she begins and strokes her daughter's cheek. "You will become the ridicule of Oldtown, an upstart bastard who was given the title and then courted by the Lord of Oldtown. You will find no friends amongst the peers of this place…you will not be able to do all the things that you enjoy to do, not as a lady. Ris, I only want you to be happy…" she says, offering her daughter a smile. "You have seen what your father has lost due to em and we are not even wed…imagine what you could lose," she breathes and leans down to kiss her daughter's head who has become mute.

Eiris sits there, allowing her hair to be brushed as her mother settles in behind her. "He has told me, mother, that he wants me to have the position I deserve, nothing more." There is a soft sigh from her mother and a shake of her head, "Child," she says softly, "I saw the way he looks at you. He will want more once you are able to become a target for his affections…it is good of him to do so now but you must take care with nobles. It is easy for them to forget that not everything is so easily won, or taken. Eiris you are a strong woman..capable and I do not want you to be caught in the political webs of the nobles. You saw how his daughter reacted..please tell me…that you did not already give yourself to him."

Eiris cheeks flush and she reaches up to still the brush, "That fact you asked me that," she begins but her handshakes now, knowing full well she may have allowed him. Wildlings. She closes her eyes and pulls the brush free from her mother's hands. "Go, please, I am tired. Exhausted and I need sleep. You can talk to me about this tomorrow," she says, feeling drained, even more, to have to say these things.

Hanna hesitates and nods, "Remember what I said. What tangled webs they weave." She marks and turns, stepping out of the room and closing the door. It is only then that Eiris collapses back into her seat and holds that brush against her chest in deep, disconcerting thought.

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