Killian Costayne
Portrayed by Jeremy Irons
Name: Killian Costayne
Title: Lord
Faction: Hous Costayne
Fealty: House Hightower
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Portmaster of Oldtown
Wealth: {$wealth}



House Costayne

Killian Costayne is the eldest son of Kamron Costayne who was the appointed Portmaster of Oldtown. Killian took on the mantle after his father died. He is fairly harsh with law-breaking, in his docks all underhanded dealings are to be done cleanly and cordially and through him.

When Killian was a young man he had an argument with his father about being too close with the smallfolk. To spite his father he went down to the docks to drink and make merry with the smallfolk. Killian in his cups made a bit too merry with a sailor and a beat down ensued. As he laid spitting blood on the wooden planks of the docks he cursed his father for being right. Through the shimmer and blur of his wet-eyed vision, he saw a dream. The most beautiful thing in the world of spinning colours and flashes of metal. The next thing he knew he was being helped to his feet by a gorgeous Braavosi Water Dancer by the name of Furio Vielo.

Furio and Killian became as brothers, though Killian loved him a bit differently than that of a brother. So when the dashing bravo met Killian's sister, and Killian saw the way Furio looked at her it was clear where Furio's heart was cemented. Though Killian's heart secretly broke, he never saw Furio or his sister, Clara be any happier and he rejoiced for them. Afterall, Killian never liked Clara's husband, Trenton Bulwer in the least.

It was unfortunate their happiness came to such a tragic end. When Rona was born and Trenton was faced with the truth of his cuckolding and beat her savagely, and vowed to send the child to the Silent Sisters. Clara fled with her daughter to Oldtown, hoping for safe haven in his home. When Furio saw her bruised and bloodied face, his Braavosi passion flared into anger. Trenton arrived in Oldtown the following day and found himself facing a wrathful Furio Vielo in the town centre. The city looked on as Furio demanded justice, drawing Maiden's Kiss and challenging Trenton to a duel to the death. The lordling obliged the bravo, and the two men clashed, one for his dignity, the other for love.

Love triumphed that day, but it was a hollow victory. As Trenton Bulwer's blood stained the cobbles of Oldtown, Furio Vielo was bound in fetters and removed to the gaol. Killian was beside himself. His dearest friend had just killed his brother-in-law, and there seemed no way the law would side in favour of a foreign man who slew a Westerosi lord.

To make matters worse, Trenton's brother, Ser Harrian Bulwer, soon arrived in town, demanding that Vielo is turned over to him for justice. Ser Harrian was an honourable knight, but a severe man that held to an old code, and would not rest until blood paid for blood.

Furio was resigned to his fate. He knew he was to die, but he believed he was dying for something worthy. When Clara came to his cell, he believed she had come to say goodbye. When the guards left them alone, thanks to a bribe from Killian, he believed that goodbye would be particularly pleasant. What he did not expect was the sleeping baby pressed into his arms. Clara told him of a ship sailing for the Free Cities that very night and begged him to leave with their little Rona. He begged her to join him, but she would not leave her other children, that were actually truly beget by Trenton, behind. So after she left, father and daughter fled to the docks and set sail for Braavos.

Killian never felt so helpless, not even when he was being beaten to death did he feel so miserable as the night he watched his best friend sail away with his niece and then in the morning be unable to do anything when Harrian dragged Clara back to Blackcrown. There he held her prisoner. She stayed for the sake of her older children, but Harrian would not let her do much besides watch him raise them. Killian did his best to try to arrange for the children and Clara be housed by him, but Harrian would not have it. He was robbed of his revenge, so he took it out on Clara in this manner. Legally Killian couldn't do anything, though he did try. As the children got older, Harrian began pressuring Clara into a life of faith and servitude. To erase the shame she had placed on her children's head Harrian said. Bullshit is what Killian said to that. But becoming a Septa gave Clara a freedom she didn't previously have. Killian got to see her much more than he ever had since she was wed, for she'd pilgrimage to the Starry Sept in Oldtown very frequently.

Eventually, when the children grew older, they turned from Clara more and more, favouring Uncle Harrian than their Mother and Uncle Killian. When the children were all grown and married, Clara left House Bulwer and lived with her brother again in Oldtown. Every night they would take a walk down at the docks looking for Braavosi sails and checking for news on their long-lost loved ones.

Clara and Killian both never lost hope that someday Furio and Rona would return. Alas, life carried on without them, as it is wont to do, like the tides, every changing.














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