Jelmio Maghagon
Portrayed by Paul Bettany

Name: Jelmio Maghagon
Alias: Mood Killer, Storm Caller
Faction: The Moondancer Crew
Fealty: Old Valyria
Status Rank: Forgeigner
Occupation: Stranger
Wealth: Destitute


Pale and white of hair the tall wiry man's violet eyes are a telling sign of his heritage. His face is long and angular with a sharp nose and severe lips. His cheekbones rise high along his features and his brow is often set to something thoughtful or furrowed. His white hair is cut short, near shorn to his scalp. He stands nearly four inches over five feet.

He wears robes of near black but worn down by the sun. Beneath these robes is a simple tunic and pants that are of natural earthen hues.


The details of Jelmio's birth is not known - not truly anyways. A storm caller and nomad he meant to resurrect the old powers of Valyria.

His life was cut short at the hands of Yacio.





She knows nothing in his mind. She may be quick to learn but she is sullying his lineage.




She was a true daughter of Valyria and yet she's fallen and took our daughter with her. Now I must clean up after her.




This low born should not have the place he has beside my daughter.

Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Valyrian: He is of the old blood.
  • Nomad: He wanders and has been many places.
  • Focused: He has a goal and it drives his life.
  • Zealous: Though he may be focused this causes him to forget all else.



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