Portrayed by Clare Bowen

Name: Hura
Alias: Vaemy (Birthname)
Faction: Moondancer Crew
Fealty: The Reach
Status Rank: Smallfolk
Occupation: Woodwife Made Flesh
Wealth: Comfortable



Hura was born as Vaemy to Vaera in 284, a brothel child who grew up knowing nothing else. It meant that eventually she would work in service at the Bawdy Bard doing menial tasks such as running drinks, cleaning up, taking care of linens and seeing that the girls had all they needed. As a Dragonseed like her mother she was watched over closely and guarded. The idea being at 16 she would join the ranks of those already employed at the Bawdy.

When it came time for her debut she never truly had one. During the time before, the months leading up to her sixteenth birthday, she met Yacio, captain of the Moondancer. She flirted with him, watching him and the Braavosi Captain gifted her a great many things including paying off her debt and sweeping her away on his ship.

Never again would Hura see the Bawdy Bard. Instead she traveled the open sea with the Yacio and the Moondancer Crew as his woodwife made flesh.

Born: 284 A.C.
Mother: Vaera
Supposed Father: Jelmio Maghagon
Stalker: Fossoway
Met Yacio: 299 ((February - Dolphin Festival))





A Dragonseed whore, like her mother before her. Vaera is the daughter of Archmaester Vaellyn who slept with Vaera's mother, Molly, as a last hurrah before he dedicated himself to the Citadel. Molly too was Dragonseed from Dragonstone.

Jelmio Maghagon

Jelmio Maghagon


A Stormcaller with ideals and morals as old as Valyria. But he taught Hura what he could before he went too far and Yacio permanently ended his ability to give her lessons.

Aurene Waters

Aurene Waters

Claimed Father

Aurene is the Bastard of Driftmark. He is the man that Vaera claims is her father. Maybe it's because he paid Vaera a large amount to be exclusive around the time Vaemy was conceived. So he would not like the fact that Vaera had a tryst with some stranger on the beach as Jelmio claimed happened.





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