Portrayed by Elise Eberle

Name: Fiyona
Alias: Fee
Faction: The Undercity
Fealty: The Stormlands
Status Rank: Smallfolk
Occupation: Beggar
Wealth: Destitute


  • Good scar, a couple of inches long along her left cheekbone.
  • Dark auburn-brown hair that's been sheered.
  • Weaver's shuttle and fork well secured to her belt dangling on her hip.
  • 5′ 5″
  • Physique: Emaciated.
  • Eyes: Brown Heavy Hazel


Fiyona was born on the 5th day of the 9th Turn of 108 A.C., a miserable winter night in a small farmers hut on House Hasty territory in the Stormlands to Jaik and Ruth. Jaik was a very poor smallfolk farmer who had the tough job of trying to make a patch of soggy gravel produce. Ruth was a smallfolk weaver who also kept the sheep that they sheered for the wool. They were wonderful parents to Fiyona and childhood for her was happy despite the horrible circumstances they were in. Since the family was very poor she didn't have access to any education nor many activities outside of farming and tending to their tiny flock. A few of her favorite things to do growing up were weaving on the loom alongside her mother and chasing after the sheep to get them where they needed to go with the help of their dog, Shepherd.

Fiyona was born in the earlier years of one of the longest and harrowing winters in known history. The conditions of living were rough for Fiyona and her family as it was in the most pleasant of seasons. So as the years dragged on and the season only worsened Ruth was lost to them by the time Fiyona was 10. The small flock dwindled down two just two sheep, they were forced to eat the rest. It was a very low day for Fiyona when she slaughtered Shepherd and they ate him too. The Lord and Lady Hasty weren't above the regional suffering and both died of a Winter Sickness leaving their only son, a boy younger than Fiyona to manage the lands and smallfolk upon them. Including Jaik and Fee. Fiyona was 13 and going to be married to Tad the villages leatherworker. He was strong and healthy but even he was suffering and he hated seeing his village suffer around him, so he gathered up the men of the village and they worked out a plot that would end in a strange mix of tragedy and elation.

Tad, Jaik, and nearly all of the men and young men, even some boys took up whatever arms they could and set up an ambush of the King's Road. Desperation makes starvers do horrible things. Fiyona is not proud of what happened, but she does have a certain bit of pride that the menfolk didn't just lay down and die and watch more of their wives and children dwindle to death. The ambush went very poorly, of all of the people to come down the road it was a caravan of House Hightower. Including the Lord Ormund and many of his family and household, including extremely well-trained guards and a few knights in service to Hightower. Many of her friends were put to the sword. Including her father and Tad. What she has heard of Tad's death she is shocked by. He attacked a woman and was going to at the very least take her and the children she fought to guard as hostages, he was killed before he could do so or worse, so Fiyona will never know what he would have done to those innocents if he lived. It haunts her, she thought she knew him.

After the ambush was quashed House Hightower investigated the situation. They followed some survivors that fled home back to the village. There was great fear that they would put the village to the torch to punish the revolters. But instead, they brought sacks of flour and eventually with permission from the nobles that were supposed to take better care of them, the offer was made for those with the desire to, to go with them to Oldtown when they came back through after they visited King's Landing as they intended. Fiyona had nothing left beside an emaciated last sheep with mange and her mothers weaving shuttle and fork. So she slaughtered the animal to make some jerky for the long trip and packed away the only two belongings she cared to keep. Fiyona never looked back, she was finally free of the yoke of such horrible lands and circumstances. Depressed at such loss the orphan was quiet and kept to herself the entire journey. She felt like the others that came linked her to Tad and judged her for his mistakes. Not blaming them for doing so she kept her distance and has not seen a single one of her former villagers since they arrived in Oldtown.

Oldtown was a culture shock, to say the least. While she dreamed big of all the things she would do with her life when she arrived the reality was harsh. Because of her separation from the other villagers, Fiyona was lost in the cracks and did not receive the sort of support and welcome they did. Honestly, she didn't mind either, feeling too guilty to take charity from the people they tried to hurt and steal from. Fiyona had nothing when she arrived at the city, she had nothing to trade but her mother's weaving things and those were sacred to her. The guards quickly herded her towards the Undercity when they found her laying on one of the park benches her first night there. The hierarchy of the Undercity was something even more foreign to her and it took her a lot of time to adjust. The Beggar's Ghetto was her home and only by the grace of the Gods did she survive and survive without having to sell herself as many many many of the other girls and women in the ghetto had to. It was indeed by the grace of the Gods that she survived. One of the other children told her about the Foundling House and how if you helped out around there it meant a free meal and even a bed if one was available.

Almost to the age of majority, the Foundling House's services will no longer be available to her. Somehow, some way she is going to have to figure out what she is going to do to survive without their help.





Ruth was a beautiful woman and had a creative soul. She could take the very worst situation and turn it into something beautiful. Always pointing out the life lessons that came in the guise of hardship. Even the worst wool she could turn into something so soft it felt like silk when she wove it into cloth.




Father did all that he could to provide for his family when the nobility failed them. She is proud of her father and misses him very much. The others say he died because he would not attack a wagon. Considering that wagon had women and children in it, she takes only pride from what the others considered cowardly and balking.



Late Intended Husband

Fiyona thought she knew the man she was going to marry. But his actions during the Hightower Ambush were horrifying and Gods forgive her for thinking it, but she's glad he's dead.

Lady Hightower

Lady Hightower

Generous Lady

Lady Eiris was the woman that Tad nearly strangled to death in the Ambush. Fiyona is very glad now that the Lady is not aware of that connection they have. She comes to the Foundling House often and has been doing her best to make improvements around there. During a lice infestation, Fiyona had herself sheered to be done with it and it was Eiris that gave her a beautiful silk head scarf. It was stolen of course, but she put up a huge fight to save the sweet token from Lady Eiris.




When Fiyona was sheered at the Foundling House she was having a good cry about it and one of the Lady Hightower's guard came over to her and he was very kind and he complimented the shape of her head and made her laugh. He convinced her to go over to the Lady Eiris and that's when she got the scarf. It is not known to either of them, that Arron is the member of the House Guard that killed her father, Jaik, when he hesitated in attacking the Family Wagon.

Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Orphan:
  • Uneducated: Fiyona does not know how to read or write and she doesn't know her numbers.
  • QuirkGood:
  • QuirkBad:



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