Cyril Lydden
Portrayed by Joseph Mawle
Name: Cyril Lydden
Title: Lord
Alias: Cy
Faction: House Lydden
Fealty: The Westerlands
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Lord of the Deep Den
Wealth: Rich



House Lydden

Born in the Deep Den in the Westerlands to Bronden Lydden and Samaya (Serrett) Lydden. He is the only child and has become the Lord of Deep Den since his father's passing. His first wife, Allise Lannister had trouble conceiving and then carrying to full term which left her too frail to survive the birthbed when their last attempt did manage to keep to term. Cyril cared for Allise very much.

After that Cyril was in a rush to become a husband again. His family and bloodline were in jeopardy. So arrangements were made to be betrothed to the young Lady Arana Hightower.

Cyril is a rather gentle soul. But much like the charge of his family crest, the badger, he is quiet until provoked. Then woe to that which disturbed him.


Arana Lydden

Arana Lydden


The eldest child and daughter of Ormund Hightower and Cyril's distant cousin, Juleen (Lannister) Hightower. Cyril's first wife was also a cousin to Juleen and the three of them were very close so Cyril's been a family friend to the Hightowers for quite some time. Cyril was happy to hear how eager Arana is to be married to him. He only hopes that her song doesn't change when she gets to The Deep Den and discovers it's not exactly the Hightower. In fact, it's literally the opposite.

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