Chass Blackbar
Portrayed by David Oakes
Name: Chass Blackbar
Title: Lord
Faction: House Blackbar
Fealty: House Tyrell
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Courtier
Wealth: Wealthy


Dark hair hangs low behind his ears and naturally curls just above his neck. A trimmed moustache defines what are handsome features along with the stubble and jaw line beard that cuts along his countenance. His nose is slightly upturned and large warm brown eyes give him a rather approachable appearance. He is of average height and build but has slightly broader shoulders that give him an air of importance.

He wears a simple quilted doublet but in a fine silken wool in a soft champagne gold. A set of darker brown breeches tuck into glossy and well maintained riding boots. The lord is rather simple in his adornments but everything is immaculate.


House Blackbar
"Sea, Determination and Faith"

Chass is the youngest of several sons and he is a courtier in Oldtown. Making sure Bandallon has eyes, ears, and say in one of the most important cities in the world. He is also rather recently married to Claryce Bulwer.


Claryce (Bulwer) Blackbar

Claryce (Bulwer) Blackbar


They have recently been married and live in Oldtown where they both attend court in Hightower. She is very beautiful and like most of the Bulwer ladies is an excellent wife. Quiet but intelligent when it comes to matters of intrigue and keeping a house.

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