Branelle Beesbury
Portrayed by Erin Gerasimovich
Name: Branelle Beesbury
Title: Lady
Faction: House Beesbury
Fealty: House Hightower
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Child
Wealth: Rich


The young girl is cherubic in appearance with dark brown eyes and golden brown hair in long waves. Her little nose is tipped up slightly and rosey lips give her large dimpled cheeks a rosier look in turn. She is shorter than those her age but no less willful or energetic.

She often wears the colors of her house in little layered dresses of gold with brown petticoats to show off her dark eyes.


House Beesbury
"Beware Our Sting."

Only child and daughter of Lyman and Agatha Beesbury. While her father works and lives in King's Landing as the Master of Coin for the King, the family agrees that it's best for Agatha and Branelle to live at Honeyholt, away from all the politics, but able to still enjoy the fruits of Lyman's money genius. Branelle was born in 117 A.C.


Agatha Beesbury

Agatha Beesbury


Agatha is not an warm mother but she can be attentive.

Lyman Beesbury

Lyman Beesbury


She never sees her father as he is always in King's Landing.

Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Child: She is yet a child noble.



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