Alysanne Blackwood
Portrayed by Claudia Black
Name: Alysanne Blackwood
Title: Lady
Alias: Black Aly
Faction: House Blackwood
Fealty: House Tully
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Noblewoman
Wealth: Rich


The lady carries not the soft vestiges of youth but instead holds the strong lines of years in her countenance. Dark of hair it sweeps long and straight to her mid-back. Striking grey-blue eyes are keen and sure as they give study to her surroundings. High cheekbones and a long face lend themselves well to her strong jaw making her a handsome woman rather than beautiful. But most impressive is the height of her figure for she is taller than most women.

The lady favors the blacks of her house in her choice of clothing, elegantly simple but graceful dresses edged in red embroidery and often set with gorgeous hand done ravens at shoulders and sleeve. They are often set with an edge of fur that shows off the regal length of her neck.


House Blackwood
"By the Old."

Younger sister to the Lord of Blackwood. She's not yet been married, she's not found a man worthy of her yet. They also have a younger bastard half-brother, "Red" Robb Rivers, The Bowman of Raventree.


Lord Blackwood

Lord Blackwood

Brother and Head of House


"Red" Robb Rivers

"Red" Robb Rivers

Bastard Half-Brother


Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Unwed: In her later years Alysanne still has not wed for the reason that she has not met her match.
  • Blacks: She supports Rhaenyra's claim to the throne.



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