Aliandra Martell
Portrayed by Amber Rose Revah
Name: Aliandra Martell
Title: Princess of Dorne
Faction: House Martell
Fealty: Martell
Status Rank: Noble
Occupation: Princess
Wealth: Opulent


Dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin leave the proud woman looking exotic and sure of herself. A wide jaw is softened by her small chin and sculpted cheekbones that frame large dark eyes. Her cheeks themselves allow for a dimpling when her full lips draw back into a smile. She exudes nobility in every movement and ever word.

Dorne fashion is in light layers to afford for the heat and her's are no different. A few drapes in elegant near shear red silks frame ther womanly form. Edged in golds she might as well be proclaiming her family's name. A pair of gold satin slippers house her feet.


House Martell
"Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."

The daughter of Prince Qoren Martell. She sees herself as a new Nymeria. She is a fiery young woman who encourages her lords and knights to prove themselves to her by raiding in the Dornish Marches.

Aliandra is engaged to Drazenko Rogare.


Quoren Martell

Quoren Martell



Roleplaying Hooks & Quirks

  • Heir to Dorne: She will be the first ruling Princess of Dorne since Arianne



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