Agatha Beesbury
Portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar
Name: Agatha Beesbury
Title: Lady
Alias: Aggie
Faction: House Beesbury
Fealty: House Hightower
Status Rank: Lady
Occupation: Noble
Wealth: Rich


The lady is a beauty with her petite features full on display and surrounded by a full rich head of golden brown hair. Her small blue eyes are made elegant by their angle and high cheekbones add to the soft angles that culminate in a small chin. A long neck leads to narrow shoulders and a soft feminine build. To say she is sure of herself is one thing for the way she watches those with her piercing blue eyes is of a lady who knows her place.

Always in the most rich fabrics and newest styles she chooses more often than not to wear the colors of her house which provides her with such luxuries.


House Beesbury
"Beware Our Sting."

Agatha loves being rich! She married well with Lyman Beesbury, he is brilliant when it comes to coin, which is probably why he is Master of Coin in the King's Small Council. Agatha, however, hates King's Landing and so she lives in Honeyholt with their little girl Branelle. Since the Head of House Beesbury was murdered in Oldtown, his widow and young son have stayed in Oldtown to continue the search for their eldest son, which is probably what got Corben killed in the first place. But Agatha is very happy to act as the Lady of Honeyholt until Mikael is found, or the boy Corden comes of age.


Lyman Beesbury

Lyman Beesbury


Lyman is extremely good at conjuring money from the ether. A perfect husband for Agatha. He's also very much older than she is and he dotes on her desires like a loving father would. He is happy to let her live in and manage Honeyholt while he is Master of Coin to the King in King's Landing. He'll occasionally send for her and their daughter to visit for very important social events. But beyond that, he gives her all the room and gold she desires and she loves him for it.

Branelle Beesbury

Branelle Beesbury


Agatha's little honey bee. She tries not to spoil Branlle rotten, but she knows she could be sterner in parenting Branelle.

Alan Beesbury

Alan Beesbury


Alan is Lyman's cousin and his assistant at King's Landing. Alan has a better claim to ruling Honeyholt, but Alan obliges Agatha running things in The Reach. He has hopes of succeeding Lyman in being Master of Coin, so he too prefers to stay in King's Landing and let Agatha be Lady of Honeyholt until Mikael returns or Corben becomes of to take over.

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